in serach of self

In Search of Self

Saint Kabir said and I quote

“When we are born we cry and the world rejoices.

Do such deeds that when you die you die satisfied and happy

And the world mourns on your loss”

So I, K Hariharan , Krishnamurthy hariharan, hariharan Krishnamurthy is before you to share my story with you, You may say that it is my auto biography, cycle biography, motor biography, rocket biography or just another story of a useless man in this senseless world.

They say that the world is for winners and all others are losers who have to suffer in silence or with little protest but once again it is the winners who have it. Do they? Not really. It may seem that that the winners have it all but there are some quirks of fate that the winners are left stranded just before the winning post and they have to seek the help of so called losers to cross the winning post. Do you think that the winner would be grateful for the help done by the loser? Only a few have the guts to acknowledge the help he had received from others. He would proclaim that he had in him and it was the duty of others to lead him to victory. Sounds familiar? It happens all over the world everyday every where and they take the first opportunity to term you as a loser, to declare themselves as winner.

So do not worry when you are termed as loser by others. World is full of people like us who make this world a beautiful place to live in, sharing our love, hatred, happiness, sorrow, success, failures and all emotions and events with others.

OK let’s go on further, born in a typical south Indian orthodox middle class family with all conservative traditions, to make you the best obedient person for the world to take charge of you and control you as per their wishes. You are trained to submissive, not to fight and take whatever is given to you and be satisfied with what you get. Typical Indian middle class isn’t it. All of us gone through it or still under going the same.

OK let us end this sad blabbering and have some fun.

……………………………………………….to be continued

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