Ramana Maharishi

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Talk 251

D. Can I engage in spiritual practice, even remaining in samsara?

Maharshi: Yes, certainly. One ought to do so.

D.: Is not samsara a hindrance? Do not all the holy books advocate renunciation?

Maharshi: Samsara is only in your mind. The world does not speak out, saying ‘I am the world’. Otherwise, it must be ever there – not excluding your sleep. Since it is not in sleep it is impermanent. Being impermanent it has no stamina. Having no stamina it is easily subdued by the Self. The Self alone is permanent.Renunciation is non-identification of the Self with the non-self. On the disappearance of ignorance the non-self ceases to exist. That is true renunciation.

D.Why did you then leave your home in your youth?

Maharshi:That is my prarabdha (fate). One’s course of conduct in this life is determined by one’s prarabdha. My prarabdha is this way. Your prarabdha is that way.

D. Should I not also renounce?

Maharshi: If that had been your prarabdha, the question would not have arisen.

D. I should therefore remain in the world and engage in spiritual practice. Well, can I get realisation in this life?

Maharshi: This has been already answered. You are always the Self. Earnest efforts never fail. Success is bound to result.

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya
Prasanth Jalasutram

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