about me K.Hariharan

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu,
Sarve bhavanthu Sukhinah Sarve Santu Niramaya,
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu,
Maa kashchchit Dukhabaat bhavet

Let all the living nonliving beings of this universe(galaxy)be happy and prosperous with positive thoughts and energy around and may never suffer and never be unhappy. Let all be healthy,wealthy and wise sharing love and compassion with everyone including living non living things, shedding hatred and anger so that we all prosper together.

OM Sachidananda Hari

a simple person who has not done much worth mentioning.For some I am good for nothing for others some body who can be used and then thrown away.But I believe that there is God who has created me for some purpose I am committed to help others as much I can and bring smile in their faces.It is for the world to either accept me,follow me or to depise/reject me.when no one is following you,you walk alone on your path with full sincerity,honesty and commitment and the world would automatically fall behind you.I am thankful to all my elders,Gurus,friends,well wishers and others who inspire me with kind words,blessings,advise, etc and people who were unkind and abusive to improve my self and attain perfection.Do send in your comments about the blog and suggest me ways to make it more interesting and inspiring. There no losers in this world only some of us lag behind others, with a drive and fire in your belly you are bound to overcome all the shortcomings and hindrances and overtake all the winners who pushed you behind.In this world love is eternal rest all are perishable. Be kind to others and God would be with you always. Om Parashakti Namo Nmaha. Happy reading.
I have acted in Tamil, Hindi, English Plays with Ralhan Art Theatres, Theatre Tamil Nadu, Amatuer Artistes Association, Dakshin Bharat Natak Samaj and many Directors . Has performed on stage, as a singer, dancer, musician, choreographer, music director, worked back stage as makeup artiste, light and sound technician, Art Director, Costume designer has written one act plays, skits, short stories, poems but could publish them only in school, college and office magazines. You can say thet I am Jack of all trades but master of none. this blog is also for exploring my self on internet and meeting new friends. I welcome your valuable suggestions, comments to improve myself.
I am also devoting my free time for social welfare activities like helping poor children with educational aids, books, Notebooks, stationery, uniforms, etc..
we welcome people who are committed for the welfare of the mankind is ready to help our brothers and sisters for genuine cause and welcome you to join me helping others by volunteering and by donations/ contributions.

Spiritual Advancement
Serve Humanity Save Universe

email ID krishnamurthy.hari@gmail.com, phone 9868369793
donations can be remitted to

please remit your contributions/donations to the following account.
Mrs Seethalakshmi- SB A/c No 0766010000060224, Indian Overseas Bank, Naraina JJ colony Branch, New Delhi 110012
IFS Code IOBA 0000766

— regds,

hariharan K


15 thoughts on “about me K.Hariharan”

  1. Hariharan, please share your email id and phone number so that people can give you donasion or communicate with you.
    Thank you!


  2. sir,
    I want to know whether we will remain childless as we have opted all the medications even we went for IVF but all failed . I’ve just gone thrugh the site in which it’s saying 16 chiless couple had a good progeny. we are so dipressed . we tried all means . Now on my inlaws ignores me as i m nothing in the family my sitution getting worst day by day.. if u pls go through my n my husband’s horoscope me give me a reason to smile… i have lost all the happiness prior to my marriage.
    My DOB: oct.26,1976, time 15:25pm place chandigarh
    Husband’s :April 22,1973 time 3:34 am place jalandhar.

    if u could help me giving suggestion… i’ll be highly obliged.



  3. Dear Sri Hariharan,
    Your site loading is very very slow.
    Please check your contents.
    If the image sizes are big the pages will take a lot of time to load..
    It could also be due to too many Links and many widgets.
    Kindly check as this would affect your viewership.
    As an aside, you seem to be posting a lot now a days.!



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