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Pithru dosha comes to an individual due to non performance of last rites, non performance of Shraaddha karmas, pithru puja, tarpanam, etc and this affects upto seven generations. As these souls are not liberated and search for their salvation(Moksha/Mukti) they create problems for us to compel us seek solution from Saints, noble souls with whose help their souls would attain salvation.

Each human being should be grateful towards his parents, his teacher, the creator or Almighty for blessing him and taking care of him. We invoke the curses of our parents, teachers, others, etc due to our bad behaviour, misdeeds, etc towards them. All religions of the world say that the mother is an incarnation of God Almighty himself as he created mothers in the world as he himself could not be present at all places all the time. Veda says “Mathru devo bhava, Pithru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava and so on. As all these people have been conferred the status of God any misdeeds towards them attracts curses and good deeds invoke their blessings which helps in our well being and prosperity. It is said even God can not forgive the sins committed against our parents, teachers, elders, etc. There are no remedies other than repentance and seeking forgiveness from these elders even though they have been unkind to us due to any reason.

Pithru Kopa, Pithru Shraapa comes to an individual due to ill treatment of one’s parents while they are alive, disobedience, hurting their feelings by one’s actions, words, deeds, etc. These acts change automatically into curses which affects not only the individual but his future seven generations.

Sufferings which one faces due to Pithru kopa/pithru shraapa.

• Facing obstacles in each and every step in day to day life.
• Severe diseases
• Delayed marriage
• Childlessness, impotency, etc
• Physically/mentally challenged children
• Economic, social difficulties
• Problems in job, career, business, etc
• Many other similar difficulties.

It is, therefore, duty of every human being to be honest and sincere in his actions. He should respect his parents, teacher, elders, etc. take care of them during their old age. He should try to be polite and nice towards all to avoid any curses due to misdeeds which may affect him as well as his future generations.

Shri Gurubhyo namaha

Hari Om

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