Pay commission notification likely on 29th August 2008

Pay panel notification likely tomorrow New Delhi August 28, 2008, 0:07 IST
The much-awaited official notification of the revised central government pay rules is expected to be issued this Friday. The notification with regard to the Sixth Pay Commission award is ready and is currently being approved by statutory authorities. Sources said the dearness allowance effective this July is also likely to be announced the same day. On August 14, the Union Cabinet had approved an improved and tweaked version of the Sixth Pay Commission award with effect from January 1, 2006. Consequently, an estimated 4.6 million central government employees will receive a raise of 28-40 per cent over their existing basic pay. Employees will start receiving their higher salaries and allowances with effect from this September.
Sources added the first instalment of arrears of Rs 11,748 crore will be paid in cash with effect from September as announced earlier. There had been some apprehensions that with the upcoming fifteenth session of the Lok Sabha scheduled to begin on October 17, Parliamentary sanction for the additional spending sought under the supplementary demand for grants would somehow delay the arrears payment.
However, sources said the arrears would be paid from the salary account of the government.
The Cabinet had decided to issue arrears in cash over two years — 2008-09 and 2009-10 — with the first instalment of 40 per cent being paid by September and the balance next year.
As a consequence of the revised salaries and allowances, the central government’s wage bill is expected to increase 21 per cent on account of an additional expenditure of Rs 22,100 crore in the current financial year (2008-09). Of this, Rs 15,700 crore will be accounted for by the central government employees and Rs 6,400 crore by the railway staff.
Of the Rs 15,700 crore, the first installment of arrears will account for Rs 8,048 crore. Of the Rs 6,400 crore impact on the railway budget, Rs 3,700 crore will be arrears.
The annualised impact of the new salary structure is estimated at Rs 17,798 crore, adding to the approximate Rs 1,04,000 crore annual pay, allowances and pension bill of the Centre.
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just one more week of waiting

Approved Sixth Pay Commission report getting finer
Sources said a wait for one more week may bring Sixth Pay Commission Report in Black and White as Men in
charge are making the 6CPC report finer which was earlier approved by cabinet broadly a week back.
One of the senior level officers who are finalising the 6CPC implementation told that after the approval by the
Cabinet, the report has been handed over to DOPT (Department of Personnel and Training) for making it
executable. The Official has also told that the following areas are being concentrated by DOPT now before
implementing the report. {jumi[jumi_includes/adsense_large.php]}
– Pay Fixations relating to Group D cadre as the same is to be retained as per Cabinet’s approval against the
6CPC recommendations otherwise.
– Workability of Uniform Date of increment (during every July of the year) recommended by 6CPC.
– Possibility of reducing HRA to higher level Officers stationed at A1 Cities, as 30% HRA on the Pay of certain
high level cadres exceeds Market Rent prevails at Metropoliton Cities.
– Adjustments in Grade Pays relating to certain Pay scales of Group C and Group B which were merged by
Sixth Pay Commission recommendations.
– Modility in the Grant of Personal Pay in the background of fixed annual increment which was the basis for
payment of Personal Pay so far has been replaced with percentage based annual increment.
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