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Head Office: SRI VIGNESH APARTMENTS, F-3, # 2 , 100 FT ROAD,
Regd Office: A-73, Inder Puri, New Delhi-110012.  011-25836229
EMAIL: lokakshemamission@gmail.com
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Dr PS Varadarajan (Guruji) Has Been Organising many Charitable Programmes During The Past Two Decades Through Our Registered Charitable Society Ranjani Geethalaya®, Cultural India, and other organizations, Where We Used To Conduct Cultural And Social Events To Collect Funds For Charities And We Assisted “Tamanna” School For Special Children (Physically And Mentally Challenged), We Distributed Audio-Vedio And Other Aids, Wheel Chairs, Etc In Addition To Honouring Social Workers, Eminent Personalities ( Dr Ashok Chakradhar , Smt Shovana Narain, Dr. Kiran Bedi, Mrs Chona, Etc) Sports Persons (Gursharan Singh, Maninder Singh,Etc) Musicians, Etc And Encouraged Many Upcoming Talents In The Field Of Music , Dance, Literature, Etc By Providing Them Platform To Exhibit Their Talents Before The Public At Various Other Venues. Many Artistes Promoted By Us ( Shri OS Arun, Smt. Sai Bhavani, Smt Kalaivani Rajmohan, Flute Raghuraman, Kum Sandhya, Chandrashekhar, Deepa Venkataraman, Etc) Have Made Their Mark In The Field Of Music And Dance.

After Establishing The Charitable Trust “Lokakshema International Mission Trust” In September 2007 Under The Social, Spiritual And Religious Guidance Of Our Vishwa Guru Dr Ps Varadarajan Who Has Devoted His Entire Life In The Service Of Mankind. HE Is On A Mission Of Lokakshema I.E Welfare Of The Universe. The Lokakshema International Mission Trust Has Been Conducting A Series Of Programmes For Removal Of Sufferings Of Mankind And Our Main Motto Is To Bring Smile On All Suffering Faces Of This Universe. Our Members And Volunteers Are Rendering Selfless Service To All Without Any Distinction Of Caste, Creed, Colour, Nationality, Religion, Economic/Social/Political Status, Etc.

We Have Assisted In Marriage Of A Girl From Economically Weaker Of Physically Challenged Parents, Education Of Girl Children From Poor Families, Distributed Clothes, Food To Poor And Needy, Distributed Note Books And Stationery To More Than 1000 Poor Students, Etc. During Last Year (2008). This Year We Plan To Conduct A Series Of Free Medical Check Up Camps And Other Social Programmes In Various Parts Of The Country For Removal Of Sufferings Of All Mankind. Many Medical Professionals, Specialists, Philanthropists, Donors, organisations, Etc Have Come In Support Of This Noble Cause. If You Also Want To Be A Part Of This Noble Mission, Contact Us With Your Details, We Would Be Honoured To Have You In Our Family.

Free Eye Check Up Camp With Computerised Machines And Distribution Of Free Spectacles/Glasses To Poor And Needy.
Free Dental Check Camps.
Free General Medical Check Up Camps For Testing Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Etc
Free Orthopaedic Check Up Camps.
Free Reiki And Alternative Systems Of Healing Camps.
Free Yoga, Meditation Camps.
First Aid Training Camps
Disaster Management Training Camps.
Blood Donation Camps, Etc
As Organising These Camps Would Require Proper Space, Funds, Volunteers, Etc We Look Forward To Support From Like Minded Organisations, Corporate Bodies, Business Houses, For Sponsorship, Donations, Joint Ventures, Etc, Support And Cooperation, Donations From General Public.
Donations To The Lokakshema International Mission Trust Is Eligible For Exemption Under Section 80g Of Income Tax.
Donate Liberally For The Noble Cause.
For Details Contact
Dr PS Varadarajan, Founder President 91-9444341362 044-22243097
Shri NT Arasu Legal Advisor, Vice President 9811944478
Shri A Ramesh Financial Advisor-Treasurer 9811097125
Smt Preeti Shah Convener and Programme Coordinator 9212195559
Shri Deepak Shah Chairman Mobilisation Committee 9212195560
Shri Hariharan Krishnamurthy Secretary General 9868369793
“Lokakshema International Mission Trust”
H.O : Flat #3, no 2 Sri Vignesh Apt, 100 Ft Road, Lakshmi nagar III stage, Nanganallur, Chennai-600091
Regd. Office A-73 Inder Puri, New Delhi-110012, India

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Head Office: SRI VIGNESH APARTMENTS, F-3, # 2 , 100 FT ROAD,
PHONE: 91-44-22243097
Regd Office: A-73, Inder Puri, New Delhi-110012. 011-25836229
Website/Blog: http://lokakshematrust.blogspot.com, http://lokakshematrust.blog.co.in,
http://lokakshematrust.sulekha.com EMAIL: lokakshemamission@gmail.com

Shri Gurubhyo Namaha,
Lokakshema International Mission Trust has been working for the welfare of the mankind for past
two decades under the spiritual and divine guidance of our founder and President Dr PS Varadarajan
who has been blessed with supernatural powers by the Cosmic forces, Goddess Parashakti,
Navagrahas and other spiritual and divine energies. He has been blessed with a new and unique form
of spiritual chanting the absolute form of “Sound or Shabda” which is 90 times more powerful than
the ritualistic chanting of the mantra. Through this unique method he has been serving the mankind
by removal of their problems, diseases, etc and millions all over the world have benefited during past
two decades. Last year on this day 24th
September 2007, a trust was formally established to
perpetuate the noble mission started by Param Poojya Guruji Maharaj and was formally registered
with Income tax authorities and the Trust was granted 80G certificates to enable its donors for
contribute their mite for the noble mission; the Trust had been doing for so many years.

During the period from 23rd
September 2007 to September 2008 following activities were carried out
by the Trust.
• Sarva Devata Homam for removal of Global Warming and prevention of Natural calamities, etc
in Delhi
• Poor feeding, Bhandara ( Distribution of food to poor people)
• Laksharchana to Goddess Lalithambika, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu for removal of sufferings
of mankind and for prosperity ,health and wealth, etc
• Putra Kameshti Mahayagya for childless couples and for people desiring child in Delhi
• Distribution of clothes, etc to poor and needy people
• Distribution of note books and stationery to more than 1000 children in slum areas to encourage
and highlight the need for education
• Provided scholarship to Girl children daughters of Shri Chellappa of Chennai for continuing their
education, hailing from economically weaker family.
• Provided assistance for marriage of Sow. H. Ashwini daughter of economically weak deaf and
dumb parents.
• Provided economic assistance for medical expenses for a lady suffering from kidney failure
(name with held on request) and coordinating all possible help to such patients.
• Providing regular assistance to disabled old age couple living in Kumbakonam
• Performed special Puja, Laksharchana, abhishekam and yagnas at Devi Kamakhya Sidha Peetha
near Guwahati for 21 days, Tara Peeth in West Bengal, Ujjain Mahakaleshwar, Thirumazhinji,
Thirumanajeri, Thiruchendur, Guruvayur, Chottanikkara, Thiruvelvikkudi, Parashakti Peetham ,
Thirukkutrallam and various other temples around the world for removal of terrorism, removal of
various diseases, bringing prosperity, health, wealth and peace to mankind.
• Annadhanam at various temples and at Puja sites. • Shiva Laksharchana at Tuticorin, New Delhi, Chennai, Salem and many other places and
coverage and telecast by OM TV, Dinamalar, The Hindu and other local and national dailies.
• A special honour conferred upon Guruji by Delhi Tamil Sangam, New Delhi
• Guruji also performed Puja and Archana abroad in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,
Indonesia, UK, USA, etc and attended to the problems of local devotees, disciples.
• Lokakshema International Mission Trust also established branches in Tuticorin, Tirunelveli,
Kumbakonam, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, etc during 2007-08.
• We also started free horoscope exchange, free astrological guidance and match making, free
legal aid, etc.
• We propose to establish Computer classes at nominal rates for poor students
• We launched Vishwa Kalyan, a monthly news letter of the trust in November 2007 on Deepavali
day and have been well received by one and all for the informative content of the newsletter.
• We also propose to commence Tutorial classes for weak students. We welcome volunteers for
the same.
• We also undertake performance of various Puja, Archana, Homam, etc on your behalf through a
team of qualified professionals and volunteers.
• We are in contact with various socio-cultural, religious, non governmental organisations for
coordinating various functions, etc.

Proposed Programmes
• Coordinating with Orphanages, old age homes and other such institutions and render
• Organise first aid training camps, blood donation camps, medical check up camps, etc. We
welcome Medical professionals to volunteer for this noble cause.
• Free Rieki consultation by Tara Mei Preeti Shah
• Free legal assistance by Shri NT Arasu
• Free Astrological guidance and assistance by Shri K. Hariharan
• Free horoscope exchange services at New Delhi, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli, Coimbatore, etc
• Swayamvara Parvati Homam for early marriage to be organised soon. Please contact us for
registration and further details.
• The Trust proposes to move into its own building by 2010. We seek your full cooperation
and assistance to achieve this objective.
• Spiritual Healing Camps for major diseases like Aids, Blood disorders, diabetes, Cancer,
Women and Children Diseases, Arthritis, etc to be conducted by Guruji Maharaj.
Registrations open. Contact Trust office for details.

We also propose to form various committees and sub committees to strengthen the functioning
of the Trust.
• Sarva Devata Homam Committee under the Chairmanship of Pujya Shri VR
Swaminathan, Bhrahmasri Krishnamurthy (SK Murthy), Bhrahmasri Viswanatha
Saastrigal, Bhrahmasri Rajagopala Sastrigal, Bhrahmasri Saravana Saastrigal,
Bhrahmasri Narasimhan,
• Legal and Technical Committee: Shri Venkateswaran , Shri NT Arasu
• Finance Mobilisation Committee: Shri A Ramesh, Shri S Agarwal, • Social Welfare Services: Mrs Radha Ram (Chennai). Mrs Rajee Sundaram Shri Ashok
Kumar Aggarwal ( New Delhi)
• Publicity and Programme : Mr Deepak Shah, Ms Preeti Shah
• Co-ordinators : Sh KSN Sharma, Sh Anantha Krishnan, Sh Lakshmanan, Sh Narasimhan,
Ms Renu Singh, NT Arasu, K.Hariharan, ( New Delhi)
Additional Committees, Sub- Committees may also be formed as per requirement and
suggestions of members.

A separate Committee may be formed by each branch office as per requirement of the
particular branch.

We also thank the cooperation extended during the year by Shri S.Krishnan, Managing
Director, M/s Shankar Shipping Limited, Tuticorin, Col MS Krishnamurthy, Mrs Mallika
Badrinath, (Cookery Expert), Shri S.Venkataraman (Junior Moorthy), Pollachi Sri. S.
Ganesan, Shri S.Sitharaman , Sr Scientist DRDO, Shri K Venkatesh, DRDO, Shri Muthu
Ramalingam , Academic Advisor , DTEA Schools, Shri R Mukundan Secretary General,
Delhi Tamil Sangam, Shri Raju , Kodaikanal, Shri Ramakrishnan, Proprietor, Archana
Hotels, Kumbakonam, Shri Kiruba Murthy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Shri VS Raaman,
Singapore, Shri MR Rajamani, Tirunelveli, Shri TS Balaji, Managing Partner, Pravarthi
Logistics, Shri S Padmanabhan, Tuticorin, Mrs S. Kannammal. Retd Tehsildar and Ex Sub
Registrar, Tuticorin, our esteemed advisors, committee members and innumerable disciples of
Guruji Maharaj all over the world. (We apologise for any omission of name and request them
to kindly remind us and be in touch so as to enable us to serve them better).

For expansion of the activities of the Trust and to reach out to large number of people to avail
the benevolence of Guruji Maharaj It is proposed to enrol members, who would be given
preference in the activities of the Trust including periodical blessings of Guruji Maharaj.

Donor Members:
• On donation of Rs 1100 any one can become a donor member for a period of one year.
• Donor Life Members : on contribution/donation of Rs 11000 or above one can become
donor life members (this amount can also be given in instalments by members with
financial constraints)
• Donor Patrons: All donors donating Rs 1 lakh and above.

The names of donor members would be included in the special sankalpam done in all Pujas
conducted by the trust and Prasadams would be sent to the Patrons.

We appeal for donations, contributions, membership requests, etc from all of you to enable
the trust to continue the activities for the welfare of mankind. As all activities need financial
support we look forward to your cooperation and support. The donations /contributions to the
Trust are eligible for exemption under section 80g of Income Tax Act. However, the amount
contributed towards Puja Expenses would not be eligible for exemption.

We look forward to your continued cooperation and support
With Regards