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But if I want to monitor it constantly I have to switch back and forth, or else the driver app will time out and kick me off, also it only shows the closest 8 drivers. so if I want more info, I have to pan around the city. With lyft, once I go into driver mode, it shows me all the drivers in the city and I can just zoom out to the area of interest and watch all the other drivers and position myself accordingly. Very simple, no switching apps, no panning around on the map, just works.

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Not /u/recreational, but I certainly wouldn’t. I suppose the context would make the difference, but there’s nothing wrong with saying “Black lives matter”, and there’s nothing wrong saying “White lives matter”, though I would argue there’s something wrong with saying that people shouldn’t say Black lives matter.

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Szerioli samples and August order

Hello ,

Please find attached our PO #5643 for 500 units and samples of your satin baGS.

Please respond with transfer details and ETA and receipt of this e-mail.

Nathan exports

Carey Gray

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