objects of the trust


The objects and purposes of the Trust shall be wholly charitable and religious for the exclusive benefit of the humanity and mankind as whole and shall include inter alia the following:


To establish Branches, Centers, Units all over the World, nurture and maintain them by providing them grants, aids, and other kinds of assistance

To establish, run, maintain and support Schools, Institutions, Colleges, Universities maintaining the ancient values of Gurukulam

To establish, maintain and run clinics in traditional and ancient systems of medicine and spiritual healing like Rieki, Pranic, and all other known and unknown forms prevalent all over the world and conduct and help in further research and development of such knowledge

To promote traditional knowledge by establishing, maintaining and by conducting regular classes in Veda, bhajans, meditation, yoga and other ancient forms prevalent all around the world

To conduct pujas, havans, yagnas and other religious and social ceremonies for purification of the world and removal of miseries of the mankind.

To establish maintain support and run Veda pathashalas all over the world to revive the ancient values of Vedas

To construct, establish, run and maintain upkeep new, existing, ancient temples and all religious places all over the country/World and arrange for regular Pujas and other religious activities in them

To honour, reward, and support priests, religious, social leaders and workers who have devoted their life and services for the welfare of the mankind

To organise Social, Religious, Cultural Functions, celebrating all festivals in India and Abroad inculcating the traditional values and spirit of universal brotherhood amongst all

To organise lectures, demonstrations, Hari Katha kalakshepams, Upanyasam, Musical Discourses about Social and Mythological scriptures, Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, etc spreading the spiritual, social and moral values amongst youth by creating awareness about our rich heritage

To establish, run, maintain, run Matrimonial Bureau’s, and grant assistance for persons belonging to poor and weaker sections in conducting marriage of their children/dependants

To construct, establish, run and maintain Kalyana Mandapams, Marriage Halls, etc equipped with all amenities and modern facilities all over the country and make them available at no profit no loss basis to poor and needy families to conduct the marriage and other social, religious and cultural functions for the benefit of their children

To provide scholarships to deserving children from poor and weaker sections and help them in their higher education by supply of books stationery, stipends, etc and also establish and maintain coaching classes for specialised courses.

To establish, run, support and maintain old age homes, home for destitute, home for visually, mentally and physically challenged persons, orphanages, etc and provide grants to Institutions doing similar work

Establish, run, maintain and support vocational and technical training centres including Computer training Institutes and Industrial Training Institutes for unemployed educated youth of the country of all sections making them self reliant to earn their livelihood and support their families and the society.

Establish, maintain, run, support and finance Centres to manufacture, process, package and market pickles, masalas, papads, dress material, packed foods, savouries, sweets, soaps, hand made paper, paper mashie dolls handicrafts, knitting, Tailoring, embroidery and any other such item, etc by providing training, employment and livelihood to destitute, widows, orphans, handicapped and persons of poor and weaker sections

Establish, maintain, run, support and finance Centres to manufacture, process, package and market Herbal Powders, shampoos, cremes, cosmetics, natural and hygienic products without chemical or animal extracts and any other such item, etc by providing training, employment and livelihood to destitute, widows, orphans, handicapped and persons of poor and weaker sections

To establish, run, maintain and support organic farms, Gau shalas. Biogas plants, orchards, horticulture, floriculture farms, etc to provide livelihood for weaker sections and destitute.

To promote, establish, support, maintain or release grants in aid to institutions for the promotion of Science, Literature, Music, Art, Dance, Drama, and other fine arts including traditional arts, preservation of ancient, old, structures of cultural and social Importance and other historical monuments, and support research and development activities in these fields and supporting other institutions with similar objectives.

To establish, maintain or provide grant in aid for establishments/Institutions who are engaged in establishment and maintenance of Dharmashalas, Choultries, Rest Houses, Ashrams or other such constructions for the use and benefit of public in general without any distinction of caste, creed, colour or religion

To establish, maintain and run charitable clinics, Dispensaries, nursing homes, hospitals, pathological laboratories, CT scan, MRI and Diagnostic Centres, etc and equip the same with latest machines and techniques for the welfare of poor and weaker sections of the public on non profitable basis

To construct, establish and maintain Libraries, reading rooms. Study circles for dissemination of knowledge amongst the general public

To help in research and development of ancient traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda, siddha, unani and other such systems prevalent around the world and help in establishment of such clinics for the benefit of general public.

To assist in marriage of girls from poor and weaker sections by providing grants etc

To produce, edit and distribute audio, vedio, movies, TV serials, CDs.VCDs, DVDs, MP3 and all other multimedia products to promote the objectives of the Trust

To establish and maintain own Web sites, TV/ Radio channels, etc for promotion of objectives of the Trust

To print, publish, edit and distribute in electronic, print and cyber media news papers, magazines, books, periodicals, pamphlets, hand bills, etc and to undertake literacy activities for advancement of knowledge and education without profit motive.

To grant assistance to people affected by natural calamities such as Earthquake, drought, floods, Tsunami, Landslide, Cyclone, Tornado, Fire, epidemics, etc and man made disasters like war, bomb blast, terrorist activities, etc

To subscribe, contribute and donate fund in cash or in kind to charitable institutions registered under Societies Registration Act 1860.

To carry out activities of social upliftment in different aspects including socio-economic, intellectual, Cultural and Religious

To do any other Act for the advancement of general public utility not involving the carrying on of any activity for profit without caste, creed, colour, religion, nationality, etc