Chakras and their shakti(Power) in various parts pof our body

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There are some basic shapes of forms which exist in each of
these centres as psychological symmetries or designs . When the
awareness is
working in each of these six centres, that particular form suggest to
the mind
from within and we begin to realise it around ourselves and construct
objects according to these shapes . Now the shape that is characterstic
of each
chakra can be familiarized by the mind daily for a few minutes without
effort . When the lines of force in our vital and mental bodies get
according to these basic shapes, then there will be a radical changes in the
order of preference of life . We begin to care for the essentials and
taking notices of non – essentials in others. Loss of energy and time
due to
contradicting others , differing from others and segregating ourselves from others, will be totally
removed .
An economy of power, time and opportunity will be established . Is it
clear ?

Now I will give you the shapes that are basic to each of these Chakras . The shape of
Dakini is “the cross and the square” . It is called “Chathurmukha” in
the navel
lotus of Chathurbhuja . Chathurmukha means four- faced creator . He is
called Brahma
. Chathubhuja or the four- armed is Vishnu .

The shape inside the square is like plus (+) . This is
called Narayana , the Chathurbhuja . The figure surrounding it, i.e. the
square is called Brahma , the
Chathurmukha . The second one is born from the centre of the first one . You
remember that there is an emblem of meditation for the members of world
Trust like this (square). We adopted
this as the basic emblem of meditation . The second one is called Lakini . The
shape given is an equilateral triangle . The third one is
the Crescent moon . In Anahatha ,
Mother – Goddess is with six hands . They are not actually hands , but
it is
the regular hexagon formed by the double triangle . It is exactly what
is meant
is Astrology when you draw the mark of sextile . The edges are to be
linked up
but in haste, we
Don’t do it .So the distance 60 degrees apart
between two
planets in Astrology is sure sign of the blessing of the Mother –
Goddess in
terms of the two planets . That is called harmony . The fifth is the
with out centre .(mont
–rissle) . This is called Mandala or Varthula . The sixth one , hakini
is a
point as small as possible to be meditated in your mind . Thus the
figure to be
meditated for Hakini is a point ; for sakini , Mandala ; for kakini, Sri Chakra
i.e hexagon ; for Rakini, Crescent moon; for Lakini, triangle ; Dakini,
(Master clarified some body’s doubt thus ). Here in a circle, there is
no point
in the centre . There is Centre forming awareness everyness everywhere
in space
. A solar system forms first by forming an awakening of the centre
called ‘ I
AM’ . Soon after an awakening from sleep, what comes out ? The
consciousness of
‘I AM’ . In the same way, the sun awakens in space , as ‘I am’
consciousness .
From that, the remaining solar system and creation follow . That is why
in the
Bhagavadgita , it is said that the first initiation is ‘I am’ The Lord
that I initiated the Sun –God to weave his web of existence of light
into the
systhesis viz . ‘I AM’ . The disciple, Arjuna could not understand this
and questioned the Lord, “You are born recently where as the Sun – God
was born
some millions of years back . How is it possible that you have initiated the
Sun –God ?”

Tobe continued …