Please Help Ms Madhu Singh in ICU Fortis Hospital, New delhi

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An Appeal by Ms Renu Singh Friends my elder sister Ms Madhu Singh, who is very active member of Pranic Healing Delhi Group has suffered brain stroke on 21st March at home and has gone under brain surgery on 23rd March and is still very critical. She needs your blessings and prayers to recover from this medical illness. I have spent all my resources in her medical care and it would take great more money to give her best treatment. She has been admitted to Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi and till date I have incurred Rs 3.00 lakh and we need around the same amount for her further treatment. I appeal to all the Corporate, Trusts, Industrialists, charitable organisations, all friends, philanthropists, and all well-wishers on net to support me in this tough time in our life. Even a token contribution would of great help as each single drop helps to create a big ocean. Please send in your help to me at Renu Singh, CA 37 C, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi 110088. SB A/c No 0637000104193563. Punjab National Bank. Money can be wired from anywhere in the world to my account My account number is 0637000104193563 Renu Singh/ Madhu Singh Bank Details: IFSCI _ PUNB0306100 Branch: ASHOK VIHAR KHRMS, ASHOK VIHAR (KHRMS), Delhi Pincode : 110052 Email : bo3061@ By: Renu Singh Email id:, LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR HELP

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