new update Pay commission

There are many a slip between cup and the lip !!!
Until final report is out nothing can be said with complete surity . So till then then it is just like a waiting game which might or might not result in sweet endings !!!It is also widely spoken and discussed that Group B and C cadres are highly dissatisfied with the report as there is no change in grade pay for four scales and there is no fun in getting any promotion to the next scale when everything has been clubbed together. even the three assured promotions would be a simple waste without any tangible benefit of fixation or higher grade pay . The COS had done benefit only for themselves and totally neglected other cadres as was done by the Sixth Pay Commission. This was to be a pay commission for all cadres but it turned out be a special pay commission for Group A and eye wash for others. God only can can the other cadres from the clutches of these people who are worse than their predecessors the British imperialists.