Dear Friends,
after almost a gap of 33 years we have all come together in this group and few of us have already met each other where as others are still to meet. Lot of water has flown in the river Yamuna and at this nostalgic moment I wish to share certain thoughts with you. Those days in school when we were innocent, ignorent and shy we had so much to share but for the social taboos and conservative atmosphere we were not able to even express our friendship to each other. The petty fights, mischief were shared in two different groups of boys and girls. Now most of us are married and the children have graduate and in a few years they too would be settling on their own. At this point of time, without being too conservative or philosophical , I felt it would be better if we could excercise certain restraint on sharing mails within the group with explicit content ,that may and can be shared between the close ones without hurting the sentiments of others. We are now a big family of 40 people with extended family of around 200 or more. This topic was discussed between Raji, Rama, Sridhar and myself separately on one to one basis and it was concluded that without being offensive to any one, let us not shoot off mails to the whole group when it is meant for one person or a few of us.
Further, it is also requested that you may send in(upload) your recent photographs to enable others to feel personal iteraction with each other. This group is for all of us and all are for this group. So donot hesitate for anything as friends are for ever and we are ready to help any one us and assure full support at all times. I could feel Vinod, Arun, Raghavan, Ramanarayanan and others feelings when we first talked to each other over the mobile after 32 years. The eyes were wet voices choked with enotions and I know some of you too would have felt the same way when you met amongt yourselves. this bond is very precious and should be treasured by all of us for posterity.
I think I have made all of us emotional but the feeling is mutual and should be shared by all of us. The life is short, we have alredy missed 33 years out of it. I on behalf of every body ask each one you to respond to the mails (even,seen thanks would do)
bye for now join the group and share the love and affection with all

hariharan k

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