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Bhrahmana Punaroddharana

Bhrahmana Punarodharana

Swasthi prajabya paripalayantham
Nyayena maargena mahi mahibhyaha
Gau bhrahmanebhya Shubamasthu Nithyam
Lokak samastha sukhino bhavanthu

Punarodharana or renovation is performed in temples after every twelve years in the form of abhishekam, yagyam, Japam, Puja, Archana, etc. Today the state of Brahmin community across the world is in dire straits. Most of the community is living in conditions struggling to make two ends meet. Even those who are economically better off are also facing various problems. Childlessness, unmarried children, joblessness problems are many and solutions are not found. Children of our community are going for inter caste, inter religious marriages. Parents are being sent to old age homes, the woes of elders have to be seen to be believed.

Let’s go back to the origin of our community. Vedic ages when Great Rishis and sages who were the forerunners of knowledge worked for the welfare of the universe and from these 90 great sages all gothras were born. Due traveling and other reasons we spread all over the world and started speaking the local dialect and languages. We further adopted new sects and sub sects on our expansion and even found new divisions and subdivisions as Iyers, Iyengars, Madhvas, Lingayat, Bhatt, etc. similarly we further divised ourselves on the basis of our languages, state, province, region, village, etc.

When starting point was one and the end point is going to be one even though we may have different styles of rituals and lifestyles as per the region we live. After long discussions with learned people and present day Satgurus and Jagatgurus of different Peethams, Mutts, Ashrams, etc a suggestion was made that we should make a genuine effort to unite the people of our community all over the world and seek a parihaaram (solution) for all the sins committed by our forefathers and by us for revival and rejuvenation of our community so as to ensure peace and prosperity for present and future generations.

We make an appeal to all the elders, brothers and sisters of our community to join hands and work for revival of our glorious past.

To start with a mahayagna is proposed to be organized in Madurai or Tuticorin with the help of local priests and invoke the blessings of lord Shiva in the form of “Somaskanda” the provider of gnana and removal of all evils by performing

• Sri Somaskanda Mahayagna by doing japa of 3,33,333 avrithis and homam of 33,333 avrithis.
• Suvasini Puja of 444 Sumangalis with Vastra daanam, mangala drviyam and bhojam, sambhavana(dakshina)
• Vastram , Managala draviyam, Bhojanam, dakshina to 999 Girls of marriageable age.
• Anna daanam to poor people.

As this may involve considerable financial expenditure and huge organizational exercise has to be taken up we appeal to all big and all Brahmin organizations to join hands in helping the cause and make this venture a grand success. Even if we pledge a token minimum amount of Rs 200 per Brahmin family as a token contribution ( maximum as per your wish and mite), sponsor any of the items of the mahayagyam, we can make this venture a grand success.
For further details and Venue please contact:

1. Shri Ramamurthy 9952129510
2. Shri MR Rajamani 9940197435
3. Shri C Ponnusamee 9443722173

Awaiting your positive response,

Lokakshema Hari