Chakras and their shakti(Power) in various parts pof our body

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There are some basic shapes of forms which exist in each of
these centres as psychological symmetries or designs . When the
awareness is
working in each of these six centres, that particular form suggest to
the mind
from within and we begin to realise it around ourselves and construct
objects according to these shapes . Now the shape that is characterstic
of each
chakra can be familiarized by the mind daily for a few minutes without
effort . When the lines of force in our vital and mental bodies get
according to these basic shapes, then there will be a radical changes in the
order of preference of life . We begin to care for the essentials and
taking notices of non – essentials in others. Loss of energy and time
due to
contradicting others , differing from others and segregating ourselves from others, will be totally
removed .
An economy of power, time and opportunity will be established . Is it
clear ?

Now I will give you the shapes that are basic to each of these Chakras . The shape of
Dakini is “the cross and the square” . It is called “Chathurmukha” in
the navel
lotus of Chathurbhuja . Chathurmukha means four- faced creator . He is
called Brahma
. Chathubhuja or the four- armed is Vishnu .

The shape inside the square is like plus (+) . This is
called Narayana , the Chathurbhuja . The figure surrounding it, i.e. the
square is called Brahma , the
Chathurmukha . The second one is born from the centre of the first one . You
remember that there is an emblem of meditation for the members of world
Trust like this (square). We adopted
this as the basic emblem of meditation . The second one is called Lakini . The
shape given is an equilateral triangle . The third one is
the Crescent moon . In Anahatha ,
Mother – Goddess is with six hands . They are not actually hands , but
it is
the regular hexagon formed by the double triangle . It is exactly what
is meant
is Astrology when you draw the mark of sextile . The edges are to be
linked up
but in haste, we
Don’t do it .So the distance 60 degrees apart
between two
planets in Astrology is sure sign of the blessing of the Mother –
Goddess in
terms of the two planets . That is called harmony . The fifth is the
with out centre .(mont
–rissle) . This is called Mandala or Varthula . The sixth one , hakini
is a
point as small as possible to be meditated in your mind . Thus the
figure to be
meditated for Hakini is a point ; for sakini , Mandala ; for kakini, Sri Chakra
i.e hexagon ; for Rakini, Crescent moon; for Lakini, triangle ; Dakini,
(Master clarified some body’s doubt thus ). Here in a circle, there is
no point
in the centre . There is Centre forming awareness everyness everywhere
in space
. A solar system forms first by forming an awakening of the centre
called ‘ I
AM’ . Soon after an awakening from sleep, what comes out ? The
consciousness of
‘I AM’ . In the same way, the sun awakens in space , as ‘I am’
consciousness .
From that, the remaining solar system and creation follow . That is why
in the
Bhagavadgita , it is said that the first initiation is ‘I am’ The Lord
that I initiated the Sun –God to weave his web of existence of light
into the
systhesis viz . ‘I AM’ . The disciple, Arjuna could not understand this
and questioned the Lord, “You are born recently where as the Sun – God
was born
some millions of years back . How is it possible that you have initiated the
Sun –God ?”

Tobe continued …




Amplifying the Energy of the Chakras
Chakras are the subtle energy centers of the body. The ancient Indian Yogis understood the nature of the subtle energy which drives all biological function. They called these centers “Chakras” which literally means “ wheels.” Those who see energy often perceive the chakras as spinning with a wheel-like appearance.
This energy is most commonly referred to as chi or prana and it is the animating force behind all living things. Physiologists who search for a purely physical explanation of all biological activity are on a fool’s quest, like a man dissecting a piano in order to find the concerto hidden inside. The mystery is vast.
Somewhat like Dr. Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” which moves from survival, to sex, to emotional well-being, etc., the chakras have a similar hierarchy

Chakras are energy centers that run from the base of your spine out the top, or crown, of your head. The word chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning wheel or disc. There are seven major chakras, each a circular wheel of light spinning in your energetic system, associated with certain body parts, a color, stone, element, and function. By learning to tune into the energy of your chakras, you can begin to embrace the fullness of who you truly are.

Seven main chakras and their placement along the spine
Root Chakra Sacral Chakra Solar Plexus Heart Chakra Throat Chakra Third Eye Crown Chakra

The first chakra at the base of the spine vibrates with the energy of safety and security.
The second chakra across from the genitals holds the energy of sex, procreation and creativity.
The third chakra at the solar plexus carries the energy of emotional expression.
The fourth chakra at the heart vibrates love.
The fifth chakra is at the throat and holds the energy of communication.
The sixth chakra is at the “ third eye” between the brows and holds energy for insight, awareness and wisdom.
The seventh chakra is at the crown of the head and and helps us open to our spirituality.
Most people who are familiar with the chakras do not realize that you can activate and amplify the energy of the chakras to assist yourself and others for the purpose of healing. Since energy follows thought, when you put your attention into the chakras, you are also bringing energy there. Since breath carries the life-force energy, breathing may also amplify the energy. When you have learned to link powerful body awareness exercises with focused breathing, and vortex the chakras, the energy you generate becomes remarkable

Muladhara, or Root, Chakra
This deep red chakra grounds and connects us to the earth. When our root chakra is open, we feel a sense of belonging. We deserve to be here and to be happy. This chakra focuses on our needs. Basic needs like food, shelter, and water are necessary in order for this chakra to feel balanced. Beyond that, we can use food (both “real” food and all of the things that feed us that don’t come on our plate) in our lives to help us feel more present in our bodies.
Stones: Ruby, Bloodstone, Hematite
Element: Earth
Body Part(s): Adrenal Glands, associated with survival (fight or flight) instincts
Svadhisthana, or Sacral, Chakra
This calming orange wheel goes round in our lower abdomen, right below the navel. This chakra is associated with health, pleasure, feelings, and sexuality. When the sacral chakra is balanced, we feel abundant, we know that we are deserving of pleasure in all areas of our lives. It is this chakra that helps us feel free to let our emotions flow through our lives, taking them as they come and knowing that they will pass, knowing that just as emotions are fluid, so is life. When we are able to find ways to accept and express our emotions, then we are able to keep our emotional, as well as physical, bodies healthy.
Stones: Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Onyx
Element: Water
Body Part(s): Testicles, Ovaries, in charge of sexual development
Manipura, or Solar Plexus, Chakra
This bright yellow ball of fire heats up our personal sense of power. Located at the solar plexus, this chakra helps to center us. It is our power center where we develop our autonomy and sense of self. When this chakra is open, we feel worthy of all that life has to offer us. We realize the power we possess to create the life of our dreams is already alive inside of us. When we harness the energy of the solar plexus chakra, we find the strength to conquer our dreams and goals.
Stones: Topaz, Citrine, Amber
Element: Fire
Body Part(s): Pancreas, controls digestion
Anahata, or Heart, Chakra
Our heart center creates balance in our lives. When we move into our heart chakra, we feel love and compassion toward ourselves. Once we have learned to be kind to ourselves, then we are able to extend that kindness to others. The heart chakra allows us to live our lives from an understanding, considerate, and peaceful place. It connects us to others, our surroundings, and the universe. When we tap into our heart chakra, love radiates around us and out into the world.
Stones: Rose Quartz, Diamond, Peridot
Element: Air
Body Part(s): Thymus, helps build immune system
Visuddha, or Throat, Chakra
The blue of this energy center spins its truth in our throat, helping us to be authentic in the way we live our lives. The throat chakra is where we communicate, where we are able to openly share our life perspective. Part of speaking truthfully involves carefully considering our words and the effect they will have once they have been spoken, causing us to consciously choose what we say to others. This, however, does not mean that we bottle our words up inside. It means that we try to look at all perspectives and find a respectful way to present our voice. Be clear, ask for what you want.
Stones: Turquoise, Blue Agate, Aquamarine
Element: Sound
Body Part(s): Thyroid, controls metabolism
Ajna, or Third Eye, Chakra
The violet light of this chakra makes its mark on our forehead, between the eyebrows and slightly above. This is where we see, where our inner eye lives. When we have an important decision to make or are feeling uncertain in our lives, it helps to focus on the third eye and to seek guidance. Everything we need to know is inside of us. Each one of us has all of the answers to all of the questions that we ask. What we need to do is slow down, take some time out, listen and trust in our own wisdom.
Stones: Sapphire, Tanzanite, Lapis Lazuli
Element: Light
Body Part(s): Pituitary Gland, influences growth and hormones
Sahasrara, or Crown, Chakra
Bright white light glows at the top of our head, radiating upward, reaching its rays out into the world beyond us. When we are grounded in our bodies, we are able to accept the ever-changing world that moves around us. Once we have accepted that change, we can work on building a strong sense of self, knowing that we deserve to fulfill our dreams. Having learned to love ourselves, we can then let that love move beyond the boundaries of our self and enter into our interactions with others. When we know how to love ourselves and others, then we are able to speak our truth from a place of integrity and respect for all involved in the conversation. When we are able to openly be honest, we can then go inside and listen quietly to our inner voice, which guides us. Going inside, we discover that though it often seems we are alone in this journey of life, we are really connected to everything. The white light radiates out from our crown and blends into the rest of the light that flows from all other beings. We are all one.
Stones: Amathyst, Alexandrite
Element: Thought
Body Part(s): Pineal Gland, regulates natural body rhythms

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