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Szerioli samples and August order

Hello ,

Please find attached our PO #5643 for 500 units and samples of your satin baGS.

Please respond with transfer details and ETA and receipt of this e-mail.

Nathan exports

Carey Gray

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✈omg examples of my work


I’ve started a fresh project recently, and that means you can find some examples of my recent works here view message

Yours faithfully, Lottie Mock

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from a performance point of view

if(boolProperty == true) {doWork()}


if(boolProperty) {doWork()}

will be almost identical. However, the bigger difference is in readability, which imo is just as important. Writing clean code that others can read and maintain is important on a real application. If this is just learning material, then it doesn’t matter, but on real projects I urge my developers to use the second form as a standard. It’s easier to read and adds less noise to the source file.

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