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Lokakshema International Mission Trust®
Regd. Office A73, Inder Puri, New Delhi-110012,011-25836229
Web:, Blogs:,
A mission for removal of sufferings of mankind

Respected Sir/Madam,

Lokakshema International Mission Trust a registered non profit, charitable trust committed of removal of sufferings of mankind through charitable, ritual, spiritual, social, religious, cultural and other activities. Established to serve and help the poor, needy and the down-trodden in the Society all over the world without discrimination of caste, creed, colour, nationality, religion, race, status, etc.

Lokakshema International Mission Trust has been working for the welfare of the mankind and removal of their sufferings for past two decades under the spiritual and divine guidance of our founder and President Dr PS Varadarajan who has been blessed with supernatural powers by the Cosmic forces, Goddess Parashakti, Navagrahas and other spiritual and divine energies. He has been blessed with a new and unique form of spiritual chanting the absolute form of “Sound or Naada” which is millions of times more powerful than the ritualistic chanting of the mantra. Through this unique method he has been serving the mankind by removal of their problems, diseases, etc and millions all over the world have benefited during past two decades. The trust was formally established on 24th September 2007, to perpetuate the noble mission started by Param Poojya Shri Swamiji Maharaj and was formally registered with Income tax authorities and was granted 80 G certificate to enable its donors for contribute their mite for the noble mission the Trust had been doing for so many years. Thousands of people have benefited with divine grace of Swamiji. Childless couples have been blessed with children, marriages have been solemnised, incurable diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart problems, blood pressure, arthritis, autism, etc. cured through spiritual healing, jobless candidates have got excellent jobs and the list is endless.

The present day problems of inflation, global warming, recession, spread of unknown and new diseases, terrorism, etc along with problems like crime, jealousy, hatred, discontentment, frustration, depression, etc. For solution of all this Swamiji had asked Goddess Parashakti to show the path through which all these problems can be solved. The Supreme power gave him directions to perform Pujas, Archanas, charities, etc all over the world with mass participation of people so that their individual grievances and problems could be removed and they may lead a peaceful and prosperous life.

It is, therefore, requested to conduct the following activities either by the Trust or singly/jointly by socio-cultural, Religious/Spiritual organisations all over the world for the benefit of entire mankind.

• Laksharchana to Goddess Lalithambika- minimum 30 laksharchanas for removal of all problems and prosperity
• Laksharchana to Lord Shiva- minimum 30 laksharchanas for destruction of all evils
• Laksharchana to Lord Mahavishnu- minimum 30 laksharchanas for protection and removal of all karmic dosh
• Laksharchana to Medicine God Lord Dhanvantri- minimum 30 laksharchanas for removal of all diseases and for healthy life.
• Charities like Vastra daan, Anna daan, etc to poor and needy

We appeal to all individuals/organisations to join their hands together to organise and participate in large numbers in their areas so as to end our own sufferings through spiritual activities. If any assistance or guidance is needed we would do our best to guide, coordinate, assist you to the best of our ability.
You may contact us through mail or call on 09868369793
Thanking you,

Yours truly,


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