orders/circulars consequent upon sixth pay commission

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Orders issued by Governement for revision of pay scale and allowances, Pension Benefits, LTC, and other financial benefits granted to Central Government Officers consequent upon implementation of Sixth Pay Commission report can be downloaded from here

New Pay and Bonus

Revised Pay Rules – Notification (html format) (PDF format)

New Pay and Arrears – Resolution (html format) (PDF format)

New Pay- Office Memorandum

Railways Revised Pay Rule – Notification


CSIR 6CPC Report

Revised PLB and Adhoc-bonus

Revision of Pay scales – Autonomous Bodies, etc.(O.M. dated 30.09.2008)

Revision of Pay scales – Autonomous Bodies, etc.(O.M. dated 7.10.2008)

Revision of Pay scales – Autonomous Bodies, etc.(O.M. dated 15.10.2008)

Pay in the pay bands where posts have been upgraded (O.M.dated 13.10.2008)

Date of grant of non-functional upgradation to Group-B Officers

Revision of pay of Chair Persons and Members of the Regulatory authorities/Bodies

Fixation of pay and arrears for All India Service

Revision of Pay for Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officers

Revision of Pay for Indian Forest Service Officers (Indian Forest Service (pay) Rules, 2008)

Revision of Pay for Indian Police service Officers (Indian Police Service (pay) Rules, 2008)

Revised Group “D” Pay scales to Casual Labourers with Temporary Status


Revised DA,HRA,TA

Deputation Allowance

Travelling Allowance

Family Planning Allowance

Admissibility for reimbursement for travel within the city

DA w.e.f 1.7.2008 to the employees continuing to draw their pay in the pre-revised scale

Revised Grant of advances

Conveyance Allowance under SR-25 recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission
Care Taking Allowance

Central Secretariat (Deputation on Tenure) Allowance and Special Pay applicable to officers of Organized Group `A’ Services

Revised Children Education Allowance

Care Taking Allowance

Revised DA

Special Allowances for employees serving in the North Eastern Region (including Sikkim) and Ladakh

Construction Projects-Grant of Project Allowance-Revision of rates

Bad Climate Allowance

Special Compensatory (Hill Area) Allowance

Grant of Split Duty Allowance to Sweepers and Farashes in Central Secretariat and Allied Offices

Grant of Hard Area Allowance – Nicobar group of Islands and Minicoy in Lakshadweep Islands

Island Special (Duty) Allowance- Andaman & Nicobar & Lakshadweep group of Islands

Discontinuation of Border Area Allowance – International Border of Rajasthan

Scheduled/Tribal Area Allowance

Revision in the rates of Cycle (maintenance) Allowance under SR-25

Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance

Revision of rates of Non-Practising, Allowance attached to medical posts

Revision of rates of Non-Practising, Allowance attached to Veterinary posts

Children Education Allowance – Clarification

Revision of Special Allowance and Cash Handling Allowance

Special Allowance for Child Care for women with disabilities

Revision of Training Allowance and Sumptuary Allowance

Revision of Washing Allowance to Group “C” and “D” employees

Revision relating Interest Bearing Advances such as Motor car advance, Personal Computer advance, Motor Cycle advance etc

Revision of Traveling Allowances – Certain clarifications and Queries answered

Office memorandum No: 19030/3/2008-E-IV dated 22.01.09 for modification in the travelling allowance


Maternity Leave

Child Care Leave

Child Care Leave Clarification-1

Child Care Leave Clarification-2

Half Pay Leave for Teachers of Central Government

Encashment of Leave – Orders relating to taking Half pay leave into account

Encashment of Leave – Payment to legal heirs- Priority


Revised LTC

Expenditure Management for LTC

LTC for All India Services


Office memorandum No: I-17011/11(4)/2008-H.III dated 27.11.2008 issued by Ministry of Urban development for revision in house building advance


Pension Resolution

Pension O.M

Revision of provisions regulating pension/gratuity/commutation of pension/family pension/disability pension and ex-gratia lump-sum compensation. (dated 3/10/2008)

Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners etc. (dated 3.10.2008)

Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners etc. (dated 14.10.2008)

Fixation of Pension to Post-2006 Pensioners – Government Clarification (dated 11.12.08)

Clarfication on the fixation of pre-2006 pensioners, when the post they last worked was upgraded (upgradation of certain posts in the 6CPC)

Clarification on Payment of Second Installment to Pensioners who are more than 80 years old

Clarification on Revised Gratuity – Qualifying service of 20 years for full gratuity and prorata gratuity calculation for payment of gratuity

Clarification on commutation of pension after impletmentation Sixth Pay Commission report


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