Thank You

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I’m  thankful    for   all   good   with   which

I’ve   been  blessed  throughout  life.

For  hardships , and for  heartaches too

For  failures,  trials  and  strife.

I’m  thankful   for  each  little  prayer

Someone  has  said  for me;

For  loving  thoughts , for  friendliness,

For  all  good  will  I  see.


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My   thanks  for hands, with  which I could

Sciribe  someone on life’s way;

For all   small   deeds  of kindness

I’m   allowed   to do each day

I’m  thankful   for  all  happiness,

Each long  hour  od  deep  sorrow;

God  thus  in  his great  mercy  gives

More  wisdom  for tomorrow.


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“Every time we remember to say ‘thank you’, we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.”


 Happy   July  Everyone


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