“MAHABHARAT – Learning Management from Vidur Niti

“MAHABHARAT – Learning Management from Vidur Niti in 2 Pages

`MAHABHARAT’ is a very huge and one of the most respected holy epics.
However, the most relevant and fundamental characters of it, as per my opinion, from management learning point of view are Shri Krishna and three families of the sons of Ved Vyas, the author of Mahabharat himself, as below:

Pandu, the father of Pandavas.

Dhritrastra, the father of Kauravas.

Vidur, the one who is popularly known for `Vidur Niti’
Vidur Niti : Vidur gave consultancy to his brother Dhritrastra about his views specific to the war between Pandavas and Kauravas and also about life as a whole, which is popularly known as `Vidur Niti’. Hence before we start learning FEW of the most valuable teachings by Vidur, let’s try to understand the management learning set-up of Mahabharat, looking at its FEW details as below:

Basic Understanding:
Name Represents
Ved Vyas — The Spiritual Management Guru. The one who teaches the truth of life
Shri Krishna — The Mind. Mind connects our soul to the body through brain
The Family of Pandu:
Name Represents
Pandu — The Positive Intelligence Quotient of brain
Kunti / Madri — The Positive Emotional Quotient of brain
(Five) Pandavas — Our five Senses Viz. touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing
The Family of Dhritrastra:
Name Represents
Dhritrastra — He was blind i.e. Misguided Negative Intelligence Quotient of brain
Gandhari — She blindfolds herself i.e. Biased Negative Emotion al Quotient of brain
(Hundred) Kauravas — Material Desires. They are never ending, aimed at senses gratification
Important Aspects of the Battle between Pandavas an
d Kauravas:
Kurukshetra — Our current form of life as a Human being having five senses with mind
Victory of Pandavas — Liberation of Soul i.e. Salvation/Moksha/Nirvana. It means our freedom from material lives on material planets Viz. Earth, Heaven and Hell ”