Mother’s love


Shift work: The pups had to be fed in turn, to make sure that all<br />
of them received enough milk to survive

One need not be rich to be a mother.  She is an incarnation of love.  It is spontaneous in her and equal to all her children. The chidren are different in shape, thinking and size. But heart is same for all .
That is why we say  Belief comes from mind while Love springs up from heart.  We  worship God and address him as Holy Mother. There is no gender difference in God.  In order to satisfy the individual mind the God  transforms and presents Himself in whatever form  we desire. He is everything and everyone. 
I like the saying which I remember always “MARKATA GNAYAM    MARJALA GNAYAM”  –    

Your  devotion to God should be like the small baby monkeys.  They cling to the mother while the monther monkey never bothers about their grip and jumps from branch to branch at a great height, unmindful of the baby monkey holding on to it.  We  should attach ourselves to God like the baby monkeys.  Then what will happen?  The mother cat is all the time thinking and bothers about the kitten. The kitten is unconcerned with what the mother cat does. They sleep at the place where they were dropped.  It  is the mother who comes timely with milk to feed them and shift them by carrying them to safety from place to place until they are on their own.   When we attach ourselves to Krishna  like the baby monkey, He will look after us like the mother cat.!

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j.k. sivan