Did You Instruct United Nations To Cancel Your Payment??

Dear Sir,

How are you today?

Why have you not gotten the funds from the bank which has been delayed since years ago?

Excuse please, did you instruct UNITED NATIONS to Terminate your payment?

I mean the approved amount of $459,000.00 that was instructed by United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC).

The United Nation has instructed for an immediate transfer to all beneficiaries who has an outstanding payment from executed contracts,and other funds to collect.

I wonder why others got their funds and you adviced that it should be cancelled and not sent to your bank account.

Also confirm to me as soon as possible, If you really need my help to assist you get those funds sent to your account without any delay or fees required whatsoever by the bank.

Cell Phone: +1 3473 827 258

WhatsAPP +1 484 810 4010

Awaiting your swift response.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. David Campbell
Head, Corporate Banking & Public Sector
Assistant Payment Officer
For: Management.