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This is interesting because I’ve been subscribing to WSJ for the last year (in prep for business school) and I haven’t found their cases for conservatism very convincing. It seems like the old drivel brought out by Fox News, which is more reactionary than conservative. Now, I understand why.

If I were to argue for conservatism, I’d argue for efficiency, not elimination of programs. I’d argue for cooler heads prevailing towards a logical solution, not emotional arguments draped in a flag. I’d argue for small steps forward in a framework to guide the country slowly towards a better life for all. Yet, conservatives keep demanding to turn the country around and back towards the previous decades, invoking Reagan and Goldwater.

Conservatism lost its meaning in the last 30 years, and I don’t think many people realize that the conservatives they vote for are hot-headed, religious maniacs that want to turn the ship around and go backwards. That’s not conservative. That’s erratic.

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