10 Tips on How to Organize Your Frigde

10 Tips on How to Organize Your Frigde

If your fridge is a mess and items in it get lost or rot away before time, it just means it’s in need of some love and attention. Follow our 10 tips for organizing your fridge and you’ll be amazed at all the space, time, and money you’ll save.
1. Put your small condiment containers on a "Lazy Susan"

This will make it easier to get to them, instead or rummaging through the fridge.

Organize Your Frigde
2. Be sure to get these containers too – they’ll fit perfectly!
Organize Your Frigde
3. Move your fridge about 1-2 inches away from the wall

This will allow the fridge’s radiator to cool down faster and save you 40% on electricity.

Organize Your Frigde
4. Use baskets to organize the fridge

This method means you’ll know what goes where, and prevent unnecessary wastes of food and time.

Organize Your Frigde
Organize Your Frigde
5. Binder clips will let you stack bottles

The binder clips keep bottles in place and stacking them saves you room in the fridge.

Organize Your Frigde
6. Magazine filers become instant freezer shelves
Organize Your Frigde
7. This is the best way to pack sliced meats
Organize Your Frigde
8. This is the correct placement of items in a fridge
Organize Your Frigde
9. Stop wine bottles from rolling about in the fridge
Organize Your Frigde
10. Deodorize your fridge with activated carbon

It’s more efficient than baking soda.

Organize Your Frigde



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