6 Essential Apps for Any Traveller

6 Essential Apps for Any Traveller

Traveling to another country can be difficult – language barriers, getting lost, etc. can turn a fun vacation into an unimaginable nightmare. Luckily, modern technology makes traveling easier than ever before. Here are the 6 essential apps for any traveler.

Travel Apps1. Overcoming the Language Barrier

When traveling to a different country, one may find that the locals don’t speak your language, and signs aren’t always in English. In comes the new Google Translate app, with its incredible live translation of signs and speech. The application is very fast and simple to use, and can make your life a whole lot easier in a foreign country.

Travel Apps
Travel Apps2. Getting Situated

Another problem travelers might encounter is not knowing their surroundings. It’s easy to get lost in a place you don’t know, and if you could have sworn that your hotel “was here somewhere”, it’s time to let your phone do the work for you. Google Maps is Google’s navigation app. It can help you by providing walking directions, driving directions, and even public transportation directions.

Travel Apps
Travel Apps3. Driving Around

If you’re renting a car, you’ll need the best driving navigation app available today – Waze. Also owned by Google, Waze is the most efficient navigation app available today. The app uses information from other users to find you the fastest routes, bypass traffic, warn you about police and traffic cams, road hazards, and more.

Travel Apps
Travel Apps4. What is it in Dollars?

Want to find out how much a new souvenir will cost you? What about how much this dinner is in your home currency? XE Currency is the best currency conversion application around. Just input the value, select the currency, and you’re good to go.

Travel Apps
Travel Apps5. Where to Eat

If you’re not one for tourist traps and prefer to eat authentic local cuisine or want to try a local dish a certain town is known for, then you’ll want to download Foodspotting. This app will provide you with local recommendations for almost anywhere in the world, provide you with a list of nearby restaurants, and can learn to predict your next craving for a specific dish.

Travel Apps
Travel AppsTravel Apps6. Tipping

Tipping too little can be embarrassing, and tipping too much is also an unpleasant experience. Once more, your smartphone can help you here. What you need is a tip translator, meaning it can tell you what the local tipping customs is and calculate the amount you need to leave based on your check and percentage.

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