Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize

The lifelong sickly Alfred Nobel, to atone for the killing of lakhs in the wars using his invention, the dynamite, with the help of his secretary Bertha constituted the Nobel Prize for Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Literature and for those who promoted world peace. It did not occur to any that apart from the sciences based on the Cartesian analysis there is a huge iceberg of real knowledge in the shape of the Holistic Sciences. No one told him that the there must be a Nobel Prize for Music, Painting, and Spiritualism. The worst thing was the sneaking in of a Nobel Prize for the dismal (non)science Economics!

The net effect is the solidification on a permanent basis the mechanical paradigm at the expense of the Holistic Paradigm. No Nobel was ever proposed for Ramana Maharshi. To promote the negative image of those engaged in the spiritual quest we find reports about the luxurious and vulgar life styles of the jet set hypocrite Babas, Swamijees etc.But there is deliberate blindness towards those that have spent their life time in promoting the holistic method of investigations. In the Holistic approach or in the Spiritual Approach, you try to synchronize your life with rhythm of the Universe as you are basically a part of he Universe.In the case of the Cartesian sciences, there is a fundamental contradiction, When the basic feature of the Universe today is the curvature of the space-time continuum, or because of the effect of gravitation particles bump against each other making a straight-line impossible in reality, the very idea of cause and effect falls into doubt.

A straight-line means, the relational result of straight single causes and the related single effects arranged one after the other. But due to the curvature of the space-time, there can be only gigantic, Holistic Macro clusters of causes and effects. One must pretend that one is not part of the Universe and actually a disconnected spectator of the non-existent isolated cause and effect relationships. The realty can only be the Holistic metamorphosis of the Universe as a whole.



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