Thank you Periyava!

Sage of Kanchi


Along with you I have hundreds of articles where devotees talked about how Periyava helped them in getting reservation in a train, catch the last bus/train, make a unscheduled stop of a train in a station etc! To me, most of them I read and enjoyed as “miracles” and some stayed on our mind and most of them I forgot those incidents because I do not know the actual reason why that happened. Who thought that I would experience such a thing! Here is my story from yesterday:

I was supposed to take a flight at 6PM back home. My work got over much sooner so I decided to explore previous flights. There were two options – one at 2.30 PM and other one was 3.45 PM. When I checked this it was already 1.30. For a fraction of a second I thought that it would be great if I could…

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