His wife prayed to me – ask her not to worry!

Sage of Kanchi

Thanks to Sri Venkatesan Ramadurai for posting this….


The year was 1986. Sri RamaNavami Utsavam was being held in Khar Road, a suburban area of Dadar, Mumbai.

I had gone to listen to the pravachana (exposition) alone. Within minutes after the pravachana started, I could not sit down properly. I had no idea of what went wrong with my health.

Encouraged by the thought that I will have co-passengers to help me (if anything went wrong), I boarded a bus back home. I had also kept in my shirt pocket a note containing my address and telephone number. I was reciting the Vishnu Sahasranamam.

As I alighted from the bus and walked home, I came across a doctor in our colony who asked me, “Are you not well?”

He took me inside immediately and checked my pulse. Then, with a frown of worry, he checked my blood pressure.

“The pressure…

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