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Africa is the second largest continent in the world by land area and from there proceeded species of hominids and apes that led to humans and that spread through the rest of continents, about 190,000 years ago. The continent was born humanity today contains an invaluable cultural wealth from more than 3,000 different ethnic groups, we tour the tribes and villages.

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Woman Mwila tribe Haze, his albino son

Women Mwila tribe are famous for their hairstyles that are very significant in their culture. Women hair smeared with red paste, called oncula, which is made with a type of red crushed stone, a mixture of oil, shredded tree bark, dry cow dung and herbs. Also adorn their hair with beads, cowrie shells and even dry food. The Mwila women are also famous for their necklaces, and for each period of life carries a specific type of collar. The girls wear necklaces made with red beans covered with a special soil mix. From adolescence wear necklaces called Vikeka yellow and made of wicker covered land held until their wedding. Never remove their collars and sleep with them on.

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Female ornaments Mursi tribe

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Around the necks of married women, the Hamer tribe can see these "esente" torques iron covered with leather. These are gifts of commitment, life used and indicate the richness of her husband. One of the most striking necklace is called "bignere" which are also rings of iron and leather, but with a phallus-shaped end. This necklace can only be used by the first wife and his status is the largest within the Hamer wives, other wives live a hard life because of them falls almost the entire workload.

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The women of the Surma tribes lobes of his ears are pierced and everything can enlarge getting all sorts of things in those charged holes. When they are ready for marriage is when a hole is made in the lip to start getting flattened forms inside the lip.

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The Turkana tribe inhabits the arid lands of northern Kenya, on the border with Sudan. They are nomadic shepherds adapted to a almost totally desert area and are divided into 28 clans associated each to their livestock. The Turkana are polygamous, but high dowry payment (30-50 head of cattle, camels 30-50 or 100-200 small livestock) to marry often means that a man can not do it until you have inherited Livestock his father to die.

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Her name is Ana, Hana lives in a Mursi enclave in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia. Scarification were assisted at age 14 and was converted to Christianity since last year, so carrying the cross on his neck. Your village has only 300 people, and this photo is taken at the entrance of his house.

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A young Surma tribe will be beautiful if you have a large plate on the lips and if your body is covered with scarification. Scarification will make thorny acacia and sometimes with razor blades. The deformation of the lips are an important part of the Surma culture. The size of the dishes on the lips of women determines the number of cattle that girls receive as dowry to marry. Sometimes the lip is broken by pressure and this is a big problem for the young, because men feel so ugly, you will not be able to marry anyone of the tribe, apart from the elderly or sick people.


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