> Consult your wife first, for your problems. She is your umbrella, for rain and for hot sun too.

Heavy rains. Will you pray God to stop it ? I won’t. There might be a purpose for the rains, if not for me but for the farmer, for the tanks or wells.

So, I buy an umbrella . My purpose is served.

One advantage in not blaming God for our sufferings is, it opens a door to find a solution of own own like buying an umbrella. Otherwise, we blame God, either sit in a corner and weep or shout at our wife, if she is not like my Ammalu!

More I shout, more cool, calm, composed will be, my woman!

It is difficult to handle such women, especially if she happens to be our wife.

So, what do I do? I won’t shout. I will throw a fake smile at her, ( which she knows is fake ) and tell her my problem. She will suggest a solution, either immediately or after, having a sip of hot, hot coffee in a brass tumbler. I don’t know how she converts coffee seeds into herbs, but that coffee certainly gives her a solution.

On a second thought, I think, it is not the medicinal value of the coffee seeds but her cool brain, which get enough time to work, when she lifts the tumbler a few inches above her mouth and allows the liquid to fall into her mouth in drops! When you sip and gulp coffee, where is time to think?

Anyway, a solution has surfaced . That is important.

"Let us do like thing," she starts. Remember she doesn’t say, ‘you do like this’. It is me who has to act on the problem but she says, ‘let US do like this’- that is wife!

So, what did I say? Nothing. Going to say now:

Consult your wife first, for your problems. She is your umbrella, for rain and for hot sun too.


परोपकाराय फलन्ति वृक्षा: परोपकाराय वहन्ति नद्यः।

परोपकाराय दुहन्ति गावः परोपकाराय इदं शरीरम्।।


h.gifa.gifr.gifi.gifh.gifa.gifr.gifa.gifn.gifk.gif ( hari krishnamurthy K. HARIHARAN)"

” When people hurt you Over and Over think of them as Sand paper.
They Scratch & hurt you, but in the end you are polished and they are finished. ”
"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great ones make you feel that you too, can become great."- Mark Twain.

யாம் பெற்ற இன்பம்
பெருக வையகம்
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