You Have to See These 10 Great Inventions!

You Have to See These 10 Great Inventions!

There’s an old expression that says “You don’t need to reinvent the wheel,” meaning that you don’t need to create something that already exists. While this is a good rule of thumb, sometimes, someone does reinvent something that already existed, but in the process it improves it in a way no one expected. These 10 inventions are just that – reinventions that are simply better than the original.

1. The SawStop™

Imagine working with a circular saw and getting distracted for a fraction of a second – that can end badly! But the SawStop utilizes new technology that allows it to detect human flesh and quickly move the saw away, preventing serious injury.

You Have to See These 10 Great Inventions!
2. The invisible bicycle helmet

Created by a pair of Swedish design students, the invisible helmet is actually a wearable airbag that inflates to cover your head and prevent head-trauma.

You Have to See These 10 Great Inventions!
3. Smart lightbuls

These amazing bulbs have been appearing in the market recently and they will revolutionize the industry! Smart lightbulbs utilize LED technology to create both energy-efficient and controlable bulbs. Each bulb comes with a Bluetooth or WiFi module which allows it to sync with your phone, tablet or compuer, giving you control over ilumination, on/off functions and even changing the color of the light.

You Have to See These 10 Great Inventions!
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4. Edible water

Ooho! is a new kind of water container. It’s a membrane made of algea that stores water inside. The algea is hygenic, edible and biodegradable, making it a cheap, eco-friendly replacement for water bottles.

You Have to See These 10 Great Inventions!
5. The Evolution door

Created by artist Klemens Torggler, this door opens and closes with a light push and can be made of wood, glass, metal or plastic. Incredible!

You Have to See These 10 Great Inventions!
6. LiquiGlide™

Liquiglide is a non-toxic material that can be applied to many kinds of surfaces, turning their surface hydrophobic, which prevents liquids from sticking to it.

You Have to See These 10 Great Inventions!
7. Mess-free toilet unclogger

Currently available only in South Korea, this invention uses a similar principle to that of a plunger, but creating more pressure and preventing mess from leaking out in the process. You simply apply the plastic sheet to the toilet, the adhesive seals the bowl and when you flush – the pressure inflates the plastic. Then, with a couple of pushes – your toilet is unglogged!

You Have to See These 10 Great Inventions!
8. Draw your own circuits

This amazing inventions allows you to draw a working circuit on a piece of paper with this special pen.

You Have to See These 10 Great Inventions!
9. The powersocket nightlight

SnapPower is a new take on the traditional nightlight. It’s a socket cover, built to replace your ordinary covers at home. By combining a light-sensor and LED bulbs that switch on when it’s dark. The LED lights use very little power and can work for up to 25 years.

You Have to See These 10 Great Inventions!
10. The Iota toilet

The Iota toilet is a folding, hygenic toilet, meant for homes where space is limited, or for people who want to get more space in their bathroom. The Iota also reduces water consumption and makes it easier to clean the floor around it.

You Have to See These 10 Great Inventions!


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