there is nothing wrong in declaring Bhagavad Geeta or Ramayana or such work representing india’s ancient heritage roots as national book,

there is nothing wrong in declaring Srimad Bhagavad Geeta or Ramayana or such work representing india’s ancient heritage roots as national book,

there is nothing wrong in declaring bhagavad geeta or Ramayana or such work representing india’s ancient heritage roots as national book, similar to what we have with national anthem or national bird or national fruit or national animal or national flower or national flag etc. they are just symbolic. it does not mean the other books or other poetry or other birds or other fruits or other animals or other flowers etc are bad or useless or looked down upon. opposition politicians are just making noise for vote-banking, and to make the bjp leaders feel weak. many in the media, in the intellectual class etc are anti-hindu anyway and will shout at or oppose anything that comes from Hinduism. all the best keep it up. even Gujarat state can start the process by declaring geeta as the state book. Krishna is revered there highly, very little or no opposition expected. all the best.

Look at the point and the content of Geeta.

No body can find any mandatory for mankind.

Nothing is mandatory

How to activate your mind

Krishna does not say that you perform this rituals, that rituals, this God that God, or whatsoever. Nothing is mandatory. He says, this is my suggestion. You do what you feel OK. (यथा योग्यं तथा कुरु).

Is it that anything written in verse would become religious? No. it cannot be.

What has been narrated by Krishna through Geeta?

First Chapter is about displeasure of Arjun. He wanted to show the redundancy and uselessness of war.

(1) It was not good to fight with relatives and elder ones.

(2) A lot people are getting killed. Why should one kill a lot for its own benefit?

(3) The fighting itself is bad.

Krishna says; “Is the philosophy your subject? Had you chosen this subject matter for living your life.?

No. It was not.

Arjun had fought many battles in his past. He had also fought with his relatives.

This was his dishonesty in his reasoning. It was his misconception on understanding the situation and his duty.

The aptitude of Arjun had never been remained non-violent so far battle is concern.

In reality, Arjun wanted a good reason to run away from the war.

Was it OK?

Krishna says to Arjun;

“by birth (or otherwise), you have selected and chosen the duties of Kshatriya”,

“you never so far has tried to runway from you these duties.”

“you very well know that whenever there is a war, lot soldiers are killed.”

“How can you run away from the war, which hitherto has remained a part of your life .”

Vinoba Bhave explains this situation somewhat like this.

After completing education in school, a person selects the medical profession. The person undergoes the course of surgery. He gets qualified. He performs operations.

Now suppose at an instance, when an operation is fixed, a day and time is fixed, patient has been brought to the operation theater, the tools are ready, nurses and other doctors are also ready, anesthesia is given to the patient, the surgeon comes to the operation table, and that surgeon suddenly declares says;

“I will not perform this surgery.

“I know that if operation would be successful, all would be pleased,

“but the operation could be also be unsuccessful,

“This patient could die also,

“There is no certainty,

“No body knows what is going to happen !!

“You know, while learning surgery we do a lot experiments on innocent creatures,

“we do experiments even on humankind too,

“the whole job is not only violent but inhuman too,

“there are a lot evils involved,

“Naturopathy is far better,

“We should live with nature,

“What is wrong if we die in a natural course,

“I am not going to perform this operation,

“I don’t care for any money

etc… etc…

Just like Arjun, he made controversy on the surgical job, which he hitherto had been remained of his choice and he had performed a lot operations. His duty was to perform this operation.

This surgeon had not studied naturopathy, but he favored naturopathy, just like Arjun who had not studied philosophy and non-violence, but he had started favoring them.

Krishna tells about the social philosophy.

He says;

Nature has produced four types of categories in humankind, according to their aptitudes of selecting work. (चातुर्वणं मया सॄष्टं, गुणकर्मविभागसः).

स्वधर्मे निधनं श्रेयः परधर्मो भयावहः

To perform the work which you have selected, acquired knowledge is your duty.

If you perform your said duties till you die, is better advisable for you and for the society.

The other work which you select to perform without acquiring knowledge is harmful for you and the society.

Arjun asks as to how to be efficient in the work.

Krishna says: Go on performing the work repeatedly. (अभ्यासेन)

Arjun says: But how to be successful.

Krishan says: Don’t expect favorable result out of your work. You can control your own work only, whereas the result is the resultant effect of the work of many others too. But for that reason you should not give up the work. (कर्मण्येव अधिकारस्ते, मा फलेषु कदाचन, मा कर्मफलहेतुः भु, मा ते संगः तु अकर्मणी.)

Arjun: How to create that type of mentality?

Krishna says; “perform your work without associating your emotions to the work. Associate your brain as if you are a third party. (स्थितप्रज्ञ)

Lord Krishna, also tells, about how the cosmos is (विश्वरुप). How the cosmic soul is (विश्वात्मा). How everybody is a part of it (शिवः अहम्‌).

Lord Krishna also narrates the ways of achieving happiness. etc… etc… A book can be written on every chapter of Geeta. Geeta is absolutely a book of psychology with some philosophical idea on Cosmos, God and soul.

The most powerful point is the realization of unity with Cosmic soul with an aptitude to unite yourself for eternal pleasure. (ईशावास्यवृत्ति). Mahatma Gandhi had become crazy on this.

There is not a single hymn by which one can link Geeta with a Religion that fall under a category of traditionally defined religion.


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