shocking news “Christians As Brahmins New Method Of Religious Conversion In Christianity”

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There was 30 ft road linking Beasant Nagar Beach with ASHTA LAKSHMI TEMPLE- NOWUSURPED BY THE CHURCH- I have gone thru this Road in my FIAT. The Road is MISSING WHICH HAS TO BE RETRIEVED BY THE GOVERNMENT.


Community status lapses on conversion, rules Madras High Court

The Madras High Court has ruled that a person professing a particular religion and belonging to a backward or most backward or scheduled caste community will lose the community status on converting to another religion.

Justice V. Ramasubramanian decided the question of law recently in a writ petition filed by a religious convert who claimed backward class status so that she could have better access to a government jobarrow-10x10.png. Dismissing the petition, Mr. Justice Ramasubramanian said, “No person can acquire backwardness or most backwardness socially, upon conversion from one religion to another. Backwardness is determined by birth and not by conversion.”

“Today, a person who belongs to a community, which is a forward community, cannot get converted to Islam and suddenly become eligible to claim the benefit of reservation available to backward class (Muslims). If this is permitted, the yardstick for determining social backwardness will be left entirely to the will of the individual. Therefore, by conversion, a person cannot acquire the social status that is normally available to persons already professing that religion,” he said.
He also pointed out that Supreme Court had held that “if a Hindu is converted to Christianity or another religion, which does not recognise caste, the conversion amounts to a loss of the said caste.” The Judge also noted that a Division Bench of the Madras High Court in 1952 ruled that “a convert ceases to have any caste.”

The petitioner, S. Yasmine, was born to a couple belonging to the Christian Nadar community, classified as backward class. She got converted to Islam and married a Muslim.

When she had crossed the age of 30, she applied for a Group IV post in the State government in 2012. She cleared the written examination.

At the time of counselling, she was told that as she had converted from Christianity to Islam, she would be treated as a candidate belonging to ‘other communities’ not entitled to any reservation.

Later, her candidature was rejected, as she had crossed 30 years, the upper age limit fixed for open category candidates.

Upper age limit

The upper age limit fixed for backward class communities is 35. Challenging the communication, she filed the petition for a direction that she be treated as a candidate belonging to backward class (Muslim) category. If that was done, she would fall below the upper age limit.

Dismissing her petition, the Judge said the authorities were right in treating the category to which she belonged after conversion as ‘other communities’.

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Christians As Brahmins New Method Of Religious Conversion

In Christianity on June 12, 2013 at 18:04

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Couple of Days back I received a call from my close friend of 46 Years from Myiladuthurai that he came across a site called ,
Christian Brahmna Seva SamithiChritian Brahmana Seva SamithiChristian Brahmna Seva Samithi

Christhava Brahmana seva Samithi (Trust) .

He informed me that Christians ,posing as converts from the Brahmin Community are insulting Hinduism.
He asked me to blog about it
I told him that, some time back, I received a call from my fiend ,Mr.Sundaram,Bangalore informing me that he had seen small handbills stuck in Railway Compartments, where Christians changed the Slokas, both Ashottram and Sahasranama of Hindu Gods and claimed that they were written in praise ofJesus Christ!
I Informed my friend Mr.Sekaran,Myiladuthurai that Chistians, in their over zealousness of promoting Christianity,so strong is their Religion and their Faith in it, are capable of doing anything for numbers.
Why would they not, with Millions allotted for Religious Conversions by The Vatican and the innumerable sub-sects(Christianity , like The Seventh Day , Eighth Day, Tenth Day Churches contributing their might, in terms of moneyarrow-10x10.pngand Manpower!
They entered as Tradersarrow-10x10.png,become Missionaries,Regional Language scholars(likeRobert Caldwell,Veerama Munivar),posed /pose as Educationists, Social workers to increase their flock,not by Conviction, but by the lure of moneyarrow-10x10.png and power.
Christian Brahman Seva Samithi Poster

Christian Brahman Seva Samithi Poster

Posing as Brahmins is another step.
I remember , in the late sixties and early seventies, The DMK used a guy called Mani Iyer to their meetings to address the gathering as a Brahmin, attacking Brahmins.
Christianity is a Great religion, it needs the aid of poor minority Brahmins to savearrow-10x10.png their Religion.
Islam is, at least, Honest and open in religious conversions
(One should watch the Christian Channels, people are named as Sadhu.Chellappa, Sadhu.SundarSingh.
They have prayers composed in Carnatic. Ragas.
So obsessed are they with Hinduism, they call the Bible as ‘Vedaagamam’ not understanding the meaning of either the Vedas of Agamas and Agama,in fact was started to destroy Hinduism.
For more on Christianity, read my posts on Christianity)
* I tried visiting the Site mentioned, I got the message ‘bandwidth exceeded’.
You may try visiting by clicking on the Trust’s name.

Advent Christian Church Building at Tiruvanmiyur.See the cloth poster displaying in Tamil ‘Christuva Brahmana Seva Samithy’
Yesterday morning (Thursday, 6-8-2009) I got a phone call from some agitated senior Hindu citizens of Tiruvanmiyur. All of them were complaining about a poster put up by the Advent Christian Church at Tiruvanmiyur. The poster has been put up by ‘Christuva Brahmana Seva Samithy’, announcing that there is going to be a ‘Kathaa Kaalakshepam’ by “Poojyasri Bhagavatar Vedanaayakam Shastrikal” on 8-8-2009 (Saturday) at 5 PM at the Advent Christian Church premises. The main man behind this initiative is one Sadhu Chellappa who is endevouring to beat the conversion record of St Francis Xavier (1605-1552) in Goa and elsewhere in India in the 16th century, Robert de Nobili (1577-1656) in Madurai in the 17th century, Fr Schwartz (1726-1798) in Thanjavur District in the 18th Century and Bishop Caldwell (1814-1891) in Tirunelveli District in the 19th Century.
What angered the enlightened Hindus of Tiruvanmiyur is that the Advent Christian Church is misusing the name (and of course caste!!!) of the Brahmin community in order to use it as a ploy to mislead and deceive young Hindu men and women in general and Brahmins in particular, in order to lure them into the commercial trap of treacherous missionary Christianity…
Recently many Dalit Christians in Tamil Nadu, Who had converted to Christianity some years ago, have reconverted themselves into the fold of Hinduism, the religion of their forefathers. When I interviewed some of them they told me in one voice: “We have had enough of cruel and unbearable caste discrimination inside our Church. We are happy to return to Hinduism.”
Perhaps Sitaram Goel (1921-2003) had mercenaries like Sadhu Chellappa in mind when in his classic book ‘History of Hindu-Christian Encounters’ (AD 304 to 1996) he observed as follows: “Jesus Christ has been the stock-in-trade of Christian Mission down the ages. He has been packed in all shapes and sizes depending upon the gullibility of the clients to be duped. And he has been rammed down the throats of those who have refused to be hoodwinked by the hoax. As one surveys the history of Christian Missions in lands where this hoax has been hawked or imposed, one comes across no end of force and fraud employed in its service by a variety of soldiers and salesmen most of whom are presented as saints. It can be said without exaggeration that if one is in search of a hardened criminal with a clean conscience, one should reach out for the first available Christian Saint and one will not miss the mark. Saint Francis Xavier, the Patron Saint of the East according to the Roman Catholic Church, provides an excellent example.”
Please watch local language Christian Channels like Angel TV,Asirvatham TVin Tamil and other corresponding Channels in other Languages.
This Law is applicable to Muslims and the Dravidian Parties as well.
Sections 153-A and 295-A of Indian Penal Code.

Section 153A in The Indian Penal Code, 1860
153A. 1[ Promoting enmity between different groups on ground of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony.– 

(1) Whoever- 

(a) by words, either spoken or written, or by signs or by visible representations or otherwise, promotes or attempts to promote, on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language,caste or community or any other ground whatsoever, disharmony or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill- will between different religious, racials, language or regional groups or castes or communities, or
(b) commits any act which is prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony between different religious, racial, language or regional groups or castes or communities, and which disturbs or is likely to disturb the public tranquillity, 2[ or]..

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Large amount of funds go to Christian organizations whose purpose is conversion. This act of “soul harvesting” or “planting of the Church” is an anachronistic practice of nineteenth century which is totally incongruous in the twenty first century where faith based political movements like the Church movements are disappearing from Europe their cradle of growth. Europe which has given up on the Church is trying to overcome its guilt by exporting Christianity to India. The recipient organizations may argue that they are serving poor but do they need European money to serve Indian poor.



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