Maths in daily life!

Apply Maths in life, daily,
May look to you bit silly,
Implement this formula,
And you need no more bylaw!

Maths as a subject gives tension,
But,Life requires mathematical calculations.

Add, subtract, or divide for realization,
That gives success beyond expectation!

Add friends whom you can depend in need,
Subtract enemies for you not to plead,
Divide pain with your persons who are near,
Multiply the happiness with your near and dear!

Add always an aim in the life to achieve,
Subtract obstacles with love and peace,
Divide to drive out your stress completely,
Multiply the success of your life honestly!

Gladly try to Square your utmost happiness,

Don’t feel bad to zero down your weakness,
Sum up your life with total efforts and ability,
Prove your friends that you are always witty!

Look at the problems very arithmetically,
Solve it and thereafter live intelligently,
Life is a game to play by application of brain,
Elapse it little by little with a spiritual gain!

Look to differentiate every subject for a while,
May define the way to change destiny to sail,
Sometimes life seems to be a complex number,
You have to roll it down to zero like a creeper!

In life’s tuition we have to pay attention,
That gives success in life’s examination,,
Though we have to face very hard questions,
Success gives us a good mental satisfaction!

There may be a chance to fail in life’s examination,
But stabilize your mind to over come detention,
All problems have a built-in clear solution,
Apply it for a lead to reach your final destination!

You have to unravel the problems not to boot.
Observe carefully that it doesn’t square root,
Many uncertainties of numbers one has to face,
Leave them just like that and give enough space!

The life’s cycle is a geometrical diagram on its way,
Live your life by applying best equation for this day,
One day we will all vanish from earth like all other creatures,
So compliment by accepting this true theorem of the preacher!

One has to integrate self to the super power,
To multiply His grace to get into heaven’s tower,
Solution will ever be great offered by your mentor,
Add Him in your work and surrender to the creator!



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