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I have first posted about sage Mariachi and his lineage – the first among Saptharshies. Second posting was about the SaptharishiesAtri and Angeerasa and their lineage- second and third among saptharshies. I hope you enjoyed those postings. This posting is continuation of part1 and part 2 about saptharshies Pulashthia , Pulaha, Krathu and Vasistha. I am subjected to correction


Gopala Krishnan dated 30-10-2014

4. Progeny from sage Pulasthia

We have read already -Satrupa was mind born daughter of Brahma. In the lineage from Satrupa –Prasuti and Preeti got married to sage Pulasthia. He also married Sradhha granddaughter of sage Pulaha. Preeti, wife of Sage Pulasthya had two sons named Dattarnavr and Dahvahu. She also had a daughter named Dwashdwati.

5. Progeny from sage Pulaha

We have read above -Satrupa was mind born daughter of Brahma. In the lineage from Satrupa –Prasuti –Kshama got married to sage Pulaha. She had three sons.

5.1 Sage Kardam- son of Pulaha

Kshama and Pulaha had three sons, Kardama, Arva-rivat, and Sahishnu. Out of this sage KARDAM became prominent. His wife was Devhuti. They had seven daughters and one son KAPILA. They were married to Saptharshies. So sage Kardam was mamanar to Saptharshies.

Sage kardama’s daughter was Sradhha. This mean Sradhha was the grand daughter of sage Pulaha. She married sage Pulasthia.

5.2 Sage Parasara was a disciple of sage Pulaha.

Sage Parasara was the grandson of sage Vasistha. Parasara married Satyavati and son born was Vedavyasa.

5.3 Sage Visravas- son of sage Pulaha

Sage Pulaha was also father of sage Visravas, the father of KUBERA AND RAVANA through demon women, and all the Rakshasas are supposed to have sprung from him. In simple language sage Pulaha was thatha of Kubera and Ravana.

6. Progeny from sage Kratu

Sage Kratu did not produce normal beings. It was Kriya, sage Kardam’s daughter who was married to sage Kratu. Kratu had 60,000 sons called as Valikhilyas. They were no bigger than a joint of the thumb.

7. Progeny from sage Vasistha

ARUNDHATI MARRIED SAGE VASISHTA and they had seven sons who became great sages themselves. We have read about them in connection with Viswamithra’s Trisanku swargam, THEY CURSED TRISANKU TO BECOME CHANDALA.

The names of these sons born to Vasistha and Arundhathi were Chitraketu, Surochi, Viraja, Mitra, Ulbana, Vasubhridyana and Dyuman.

Vasishta also had children from his other wife. Most prominent was SAGE SAKTHI. Other prominent sons were Chitraketu and Mitra.

( I am not able to get her name. learnt readers please response).

7.2 Parasara- grand son of sage Vasistha.

We have read stories of sge Parasara and Satyavati. Son born to them was Vedavyasa.

7.3 Sage Veda vyasa- Lineage of Vasistha- son of sage Parasara

Vedavyasa was father of SAGE SUGA, PANDU AND DHRITHARSHTRA AND VIDURA. He was the grandfather of Pandavas and Kouravas.

7.4 Sage Viswamithra- a contempory of sage Vasistha

We have read the story of sage Viswamithra, Nandini divine cow story, Trisangu swarga story etc. and his rivalry with sage Vasistha. Viswamithra was father of Sakunthala, grand father of king Bharat. Since Viswamithra and Vasistha appear in Ramayana story they were contempory with Rajarshi Dasaratha.

7.5 Sage Bharadwaja- grand son of sage Viswamithra

Bharatha was the son born to Sakunthala from king Dushyantha by Gandharva marriage. So Viswamithra was the grand father of Bharatha. BHARATHA’S ADOPTED SON WAS SAGE BHARADWAJA. SO BHARADWAJA WAS THE GREAT GRANDSON OF SAGE VISWAMITHRA.

The legend is that sage Bharadwaja was born, as the son of Brihaspati. His mother was the wife of Utathya. She became pregnant by her husband and by Brihaspati, it is told.

Dirgha-tamas, the son by Uthathya kicked his half-brother (Bharadwaja) out of the womb before his birth in anger. At that time Brihaspati said to his mother, `Bhara-dwa-jam,’ `Cherish this child of two fathers.’

7.6 Sage Suga- son of sage Vedavyasa

Once, a desire arose in the mind of Vedavyasa. He met the sage Jabali and proposed to marry his daughter Vatika. Accepting the proposal, the sage Jabali happily married his daughter Vatika to VedaVyasa. Thus, living in his hermitage amidst the forests, Maharishi Vedavyasa began his married life.

With time, his wife Vatika became pregnant and had a peculiar birth of a child. He was sage Suka. Sage Suka remained as bachelor Sage

Suga preached Shrimad Bhagwat to King Parikshith (grand son of Arjuna) for 7 days continuously. Sage Ugrava present there repeated it to sage Suta. Hence Srimad Bhagavatham has become famous.

With the above I have covered the sages lineage from Saptharshies through stories to my possible extent. To a small certain extent I could establish their relation.

I will continue in next posting

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