Bird with two heads(panchatantra stories)

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Bird with two heads(panchatantra stories)

Here is another story from the album of Panchatantra. Once upon a time, there lived a strange bird named Bharunda. He lived on a banyan tree near the banks of a river. The strangeness of the bird lies in the fact, that he had two necks, but shareda common stomach. One day, the bird was wandering on the banks of the lake and found a red-golden fruit, which appeared delicious at the first sight. One of the two heads mumbled, “Oh what a fruit. I am sure the heavens have sent it for me. I am so lucky.” He started eating the fruit with immense pleasure and claimed that it was the most delicious fruithe had ever eaten.Hearing this, the other head said,” O dear, let me also taste the fruit you are praising so much”. The first head laughed and replied "You know that we’ve only one stomach, whichever head eats, the fruit will go to the same stomach. So, it makes no difference whether I eat it or you eat it.Moreover, I’m the one who found this fruit. So I’ve the first right to eat it". The other head became silent and disappointed after hearing the first head. This kind of selfishness, on the part of the first head pinched him very much.Later one day, the other head found a treebearing poisonous fruits. He took the poisonous fruit and told the first head, “You deceitful fellow. I will eat this poisonous fruit and avenge your insult which you have done to me”.The first head yelled, "Please don’t eat thispoisonous fruit. If you eat it, both of us willdie, because we’ve a common stomach to digest it." The other head replied, “Shut up!As I have found this fruit, I have the every right to eat it.” The first head started crying, but the other head didn’t bother and ate the poisonous fruit. In the consequence of this action, both of them lost their lives.Moral:Sharing of a good thing with others is always good.

परोपकाराय फलन्ति वृक्षा: परोपकाराय वहन्ति नद्यः।

परोपकाराय दुहन्ति गावः परोपकाराय इदं शरीरम्।।


h.gifa.gifr.gifi.gifh.gifa.gifr.gifa.gifn.gifk.gif ( hari krishnamurthy K. HARIHARAN)"

” When people hurt you Over and Over think of them as Sand paper.
They Scratch & hurt you, but in the end you are polished and they are finished. ”

யாம் பெற்ற இன்பம்
பெருக வையகம்
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