Thirumohur Divyadesam is refered as Mohanakshetram or Mohanapuri.

Thirumohur Divyadesam is refered as Mohanakshetram
or Mohanapuri.

Why is this perumal also called as Margabandu? Where is it located and what is the backdrop of this temple?
What is the puranic incident that is linked with this kshetram? What is the significance of the Chakrathalwar in this temple?
Additional Details
Had darshan of Kalamega perumal and the sthala Chakrathalwar in the past. One needs a crore eyes for the darshan and a good navanmai to narrate about it.
The picturesque setting of the temple. The paddy fields surround the temple and the anamalai (the rocky hill resembling a big elephant) provides a beautiful backdrop. It is indeed an eye catching sight to behold. Azhwar pasuram includes the natural beauty .
It can be said that the Chakrathalwar is very divine and more popular than the Perumal among the visiting devotees. The Prarathana perumal is with varna kalaba thirumeni if I recollect correctly. Kalamega permal (Margabandu)is the vazithunai perumal when the devotee makes the final journey via archiradi marg and Virajai to Sri Vaikundam.This is again shown to us by Nammalwar in his Tiruvoimozi pasuram.
1) Thirumogur
Mohanakshetram or Mohanapuri or Thirumogur is the 103rd Thivyashetram out of 108 important shrines of Lord Vishnu.
2) Thirumogur Location:
The temple is situated in Madurai district and is about 8 kms from Madurai. Buses plying on the Madurai-Melur route stop at Othakadai and from there one needs to take an auto or mini bus to reach the temple.
3) Puranic incidents:
Lord Vishnu takes the form of ‘Mohini’:
Once Devas wanted the boon of ‘immortality’. Seeing Vishnu grant Devas their wish, the Asuras too wanted a share of the nectar, leading to a fight between the two. To protect the devas, Lord Vishnu took the form of a ‘Mohini’. Lost in the beauty of the ‘Mohini’, the asuras forgot about the nectar. And thus Vishnu successfully shared the nectar exclusively with the Devas.
Lord Vishnu helped recover the Vedic Scriptures from two Asuras – Madhu and Kaidapan who had stolen it from Brahmma. It was at this place that Brahmma performed daily poojas, directed at Lord Vishnu, as a gesture to thank the Lord for fighting the Asuras and securing back the Vedic Scriptures.
It is said that Brahmma wanted to see the Lord as ‘Narayana’ and not in his Mohini form. Hence, it is said that Lord Vishnu appeared before Brahmma at this place as Kaalamegha Perumal.
Wanting to see the Lord churning the ocean to secure the nectar, Sage Palasthiyar undertook penance here. Pleased with his prayers, Lord appeared before him and gave him darshan. Hence there is a separate sannidhi for the Lord as ‘Thirupaarkadal Naathan’.
Shiva was attracted to the Lord in the Mohini form and wanted to embrace her. Hence, Lord Vishnu actually created another Mohini here at this place.
Another feature here is that Lord Adiseshan is fully adorned with gold ornaments.
4) Margabandu:
Kaalamegha Perumal is said to be a close friend of the devotees and is said to be one who provides direction and guides the devotees who come to him for Moksham. Hence he is also referred to as ‘Maarga Bandhu’.
5) A unique sleeping posture – Prarthana Sayanam:
At this temple, one can also find another shrine where the Lord is in a Sleeping posture which is quite unique one. This posture of the Lord is called ‘Prarthana Sayanam’, where Sridevi and Bhoodevi are seen praying, at the feet of the sleeping Lord. The sleeping Lord is said to be one before he took the Mohini Avataaram.
(The other sleeping postures are Veera Sayanam, Anantha Sayanam, Baala Sayanam, Uthaana Sayanam, Sthala Sayanam, Bogha Sayanam)
6) Significance of the Chakrathalwar:
The Chakkarathalwar at Thiru Moghur temple can be seen with 16 hands and 16 arms. There is an inscription containing 154 letters signifying Hiranya Samhaaram as well as 48 images of different Lords. This is the only Divya Desam with such sacred letters and images inscribed on Chakkarathalwar.
7) Other Sannadhis:
8) Temple Details:
Moolavar: Kalamegha Perumal, East Facing, Standing Posture, right hand Varadha Hastham, mace in left hand.
Goddess : Mohurvalli or Mohanavalli Thaayar , Separate Shrine.
Utsavar : Thiru Mogur Aapthaan or Kodamaadu Koothan, The utsavar here is found with pancha ayudams (five weapons).
Pushkarni: Ksheerapthi Pushkarni
Vimanam: Chathurmukha Ketaki Vimanam .
Festivals : Vaikasi Brahmotsavam, Puratasi Pavitrosatvam, Margazhi Adyaana Utsavam, Maasi Gajendra Moksham .
Thirumangai Azhvaar – 1 song (Pasuram) – 2673 (73)
Nammalvaar- 11songs 3783 to 3793
Temple timing : 7am-12noon and 4pm-8pm .
Priest : Ramakrishna Bhattar @ 0452 2422744 or 98425 24325
Contact Address : 7 East Mada Street, Thiru Mogur 625 107.
திருவாய் மொழி

‘….தாள தாமரைத் தடம் அணி வயல் திருமோகூர்….’ 10.1.1

‘….எண் திசையும் ஈன் கரும்பொடு பெரும் செந்நெல் விளையக்
கொண்ட கோயிலை வலஞ்செய்து இங்கு ஆடுதும் கூத்தே’ 10.1.5

‘….வாய்த்த தண் பணை வள வயல் சூழ் திருமோகூர்….’ 10.1.6

‘….சுற்றும் நீர்படைத்து அதன் வழித் தொல் முனி முதலா…’ 10.1.7
Reference, Book, Personal Collection:
108 srivaishnava divyadesa vaibhava, purana and abhimana sthalas, in Tamil, LIFCO Publishing Ltd, Chennai, Year of Publication 2011, Page 122, Total Pages 180.
Courtesy: C. Sri Vidya Rajagopalan.

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