Namaami Brhmapushkarm


Namaami Brhmapushkarm

# Gangecha Ymunechaiva Godavari Saraswati Narmade Sindhu Kaveri jalesmin snnidhim kuru.# I am inviting rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati,, Narmada, Sindhu and Kaveri in the water which is in front of me.. Duly telling this every hindu starts his bath and worshipping the God. These are all sacred rivers and capable to eliminates the sins done by any one..
Jagadguru Sri Adisankara says in his Pushkarashtakam

*Sadaartha maasa saptapancha suvaasare naraagatam
tathanyantarikshagatam sutanrra bhaavanaanugam
tadambu paana majjanam drusaam sadaamrutaakaram
namaami Brhmapushkaram savaishnavam sasaankaram

Once Mahendra the king of Gods was killed his enemy named as Vrutrasura a demon created by Twasta Maharshi as such he got a dreadful sin named as Brahmahatya. By this effect he became unfit to stay in Swarga the kingdom of heaven,.and unfit to became the king of heaven. He was relieved from that sin by taking bath in Brhamapushkara teertha.. After realizing the effect king Mahendra taken away the Brhmapushkara teertha with him from earth to Swarga the heaven.
After that several bhaktas and devotees of God Brahma requested Him to relocate the Brhmapushkara teertha in the earth itself. Unable to fulfill their wishes Brahma gave a boon to them. By that boon the Brhmapushkara teertha will stay twelve days in the beginning and twelve days at the end of year in the specified year in twelve rivers such as river Ganga,and Yamuna etc.,according to the movement of Brhuspati (guru graha). The Bruhaspati shall stay for a year in each Meshadi dwadasa rasies..Hence the specified river in that particular year called as Ganga pushkara and Ymuna pushkara and so on..After the specified period of two spells of twelve days the Pushkara shall stay in devalokas.Duly saying the same Sri Aadisankara tells that those water at that pushkara time is so powerful. By touching and drinking that water one can get the effect of AMRUTA as the pushkara is having blessings of Siva and Keshava.

#Tripushkara Tripushkara Tripushkareti samsmarait
saduradesagopi yastaanga paapanaasanam
prapanna duhkha bhanjanam suranjanam sudhaakarm
namami Brhmapushkaram savaishnavam sasaankaram #

It may not possible for each and every one to go to the specified river in the Pushkara period to take bath due to several reasons.. For those Sri Jagadguru Aadisankara showed a simple way to get the effect of Pushkara snana. Simply by rendering the word TRIPUSHKARA three times at the time of bath one can certainly get the effect of Pushkara snana,.and shall surly get rid of his sins staying in his sthoola, sukshma and karana sareera. There is no mater of the distance in between the pushakara river and his location.The Pushkara is AMRUTA NILAYAM.

Namami Brhmapushkaram.


h.gifa.gifr.gifi.gifh.gifa.gifr.gifa.gifn.gifk.gif ( hari krishnamurthy K. HARIHARAN)"
” When people hurt you Over and Over
think of them as Sand paper.
They Scratch & hurt you,
but in the end you are polished and they are finished. ”

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