Easy ways to meditate

Easy Ways To Meditate


Written by Neha Chandna – Dietician, Nutrition Educator, Exercise Counselor with an M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management from SVT. She has worked with corporates such as HDFC and Standard Chartered as well as BPOs and MNCs on the Right ways of eating and living!

When people are asked to meditate, they widen their eyes and scrunch up their nose, because they would need to sit quietly in a corner for an hour or so trying to think of nothing. The word ‘meditation’ gives you the picture of someone sitting straight like a Yogi with fingers in a mudra in front of a peaceful lake or atop a mountain. But really, meditation does not mean just that. It has to do with relaxing, being with yourself, clearing your mind off all the thoughts that weigh you down, being in the moment completely and feeling every bit of it, breathing slowly and smiling at the stillness. You can start with simple mind-relaxation techniques rather than the classic seated ones. All you need to do is smile, stop and admire nature, smell the roses, and you will see the stress just melt away.

Here are few simple ways of meditating:

Focus on your breathing: Be it in the train, car, or office, all you need do is just focus on breathing and let the thoughts come and go. Do not focus or ponder on any thought. Do it for 15 minutes and see how relaxed you feel.

Listen to music: Listen to whatever you feel like – a melodious track, instrumental music, or a romantic number – any music that takes you to your dreamland and helps you to forget all your worries.

Enjoy the tea/coffee/green tea: Rather than just gulping your drink down, stand at your balcony or terrace, look at the trees, and slowly sip your drink. Enjoy the me time!

Go for a long drive: Drive alone with your favourite music. Let yourself loose and go where the road takes you.

Take a walk: Walk along the beach or on some green grass. Chant Om or any other mantra to purify your mind and soul. Feel the breeze over your body and let the negativity move away along with it.

Create art: Set aside some time from your busy schedule to create some form of art. Paint, draw, craft, stitch or anything of your choice will help you feel happy throughout the week.

Cook: The most relaxing thing you can do for yourself is cook something that you’re good at. Put your heart into it and let your family members feel your love for them.

Go for a massage: The best way to unwind your mind and body is to go for a good deep-tissue massage, get rid of all pain from your body, and feel rejuvenated.

Choose one thing to do everyday to get into the simple meditation mode without a lot of hassle. Your worries might not end, but your patience and tolerance to deal with them will definitely improve.



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