Tharpanam, srardham and Srardha

Respected friends

1. Now a day I read a lot about Tharpan and srardha. I am to conclude there are many MISSING LINKS.

I desire to know why tharpan is required on srardha day?

How srardha deities are related to pithrus.

Why do three generations pithrus are welcomed on either side in the case of srardha where the karhtha has both his parents died?

Some body WHO KNOW SOME WHAT CLEARLY I desire to write about it. It will benefit all the members. This is after reading a very elderly member himself asking for clarifications about srardha.

I am not very much interested in the procedures, but about the clear difference between Tharpanam, srardham and Srardha deities and relation. I understand these are concepts.

Procedures can be told clarifying – Why upaveetham is idam if deity is involved with pithru where as for Viswamdeva upaveetham is valam etc.

Sasthrikal recite the manthra as TILAROOPENA SRARDHA for Tharpanam. Why it is told so?

2. About type 2 diabetics.

Ayurvedic doctors do not prescribe ayurvedic medicines while one is taking insulin for diabetics. The effect of insulin will not be there, if such medicines are taken, I am told by the physician of Kottakkal Aryavaidya sala. The same is told by my Alopathic doctor also.

But in fact all food items contain medicinal components.

The effect of one food item on a person with diabetics need not be with another. This is my observation.
Recently I read about jagerry. I have observed taking coffee with sugar and with out sugar DOES NOT MAKE MUCH DIFFERENCE for me after taking glucometer test at least 20 times in six months for observation.

But for that I am taking coffee with out sugar only.

But even 2 OR THREE CASHEW RAISES MY BLOOD SUGAR VERY HIGH. This need not be the case with others.

I have also observed walking for 20 minutes in normal speed reduces the blood sugar level 2 times lower than doing physical work for ONE HOUR. I have observed this also for me after taking glucometer test at least 20 times in 6 months .

So before taking lab tests I prefer to walk for three days and then meet my doctor. How the walk reduce blood sugar level more though it is not a hard work?. I desire to know more.

Also I desire to know why blood sugar do not increase in a person abnormally?

In most higher blood sugar level is detected during some tests and then only treated. My point is during the non detected period does it create detrimental effect already. I desired to know from learnt persons more on this.

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2 thoughts on “Tharpanam, srardham and Srardha”

  1. Sir

    You can address your question regarding Srardham, Pithru Tharpanam etc to Sri.K.Gopalan Sir; he is very knowledgeable person in this matter.

    Please become a member of Tamil Brahmins Forum and you will be to address questions to Sri. K.Gopalan Sir

    He is very knowledgeable in this and I am sure he will be able to give suitable answers to all your doubts.




    1. Is there any proviosn to perform Sradham wirth homam and pinda pradhanam without brahmna bhojanam? It is very difficult to get qualified Brahnins and lot of food wastages we notice


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