Diabetes Cure a true story

Confessions from a person , who himself was a diabetic.

Dear friends,
I was a diabetic for last 8 years and will be 38 years on june 21st.
Also I had kidney stones, gall stones, high uric acid, cholesterol, triglycerides , and to top it all I had epilepsy since childhood 12 years old.
When I used to visit the clinic I tried to do regular check up with at least 3 to 4 specialist in one visit.

Since I was staying in dubai and fully insured I gave a damn and a stage had reached where I was eating fixed 11 tablets everyday.


The icing on the cake or the nail on the coffin happened during my annual vacation when a famous endocrinologist in kolkata , whose appointment I got after a waiting period of 10 days told me that I should immediately start insulin injections or else I will die. He literally scared me and I went under a depression for a couple of weeks. He was so criminal that within 3 minutes of diagnosis and reading my reports he pocketed 1200 rs and called the insulin injection company and gave them my no and asked me to immediately purchase.


I consulted one of my childhood friends who is an allopathy GP and he also agreed to the wicked doctors views and told me start insulin. I got more depressed and almost felt like dying immediately.

A miracle happened and thru my very good friend mr sanjay tathed who is a member of this august forum I got relief.

While visiting mumbai When sanjay saw that I was taking 11 tablets in a day he strongly suggested dr bhavsar who uses time motion and space theory to cure diseases. So I should meet him and take his advice . Dr bhavsar near pune railway station. He heard me for more than an hour and adviced me to stop all medicines with immediate effect.

Showed me some exercises I should do regularly. And religiously I should take icecreams or milk shakes everyday after dinner . And chocolates I should take whenever I am extra work loaded or stressed out.
I love dr bhavsar from pune. Long live dr bhavsar . He is like god to me . I met him on 9th of jan 2012 , same day I stopped all my medicines and started doing the pranayams and eating ice cream and chocolates everyday. Lost more than 10 kgs and living a healthy disease free life.
I dance in the rain and have no side effects even after stopping all medicines.


My doctor friends also are confused and has no answers.
I myself is a living example that indian system rules.

If any diabetic friend is interested please email me I will be glad to share dr bhavsars co ordinates. He is helping people to free themselves from the unholy nexus of doctors, medicine companies and diagnostic companies for more than last 30 years.

After travelling to around 23 countries I proudly say my india is the best , I love my india , I love my india the way it is, I love my india as it is. JAI HIND.

Rajib Roy

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a happy go lucky person by nature,committed to serve others and remove their sufferings through all possible help. POSTS IN MY BLOG ARE MY OWN OPINION, COLLECTIONS OF INTERESTING ARTICLES FROM FROM VARIOUS SOURCES. MY ONLY AIM IS TO SHARE GOOD THINGS WITH OTHERS WHICH MAY BE USEFUL TO OTHERS AND NOT TO HURT ANY ONE'S FEELINGS. If you like my blog, like me,follow me, share with others, reblog If you have some suggestions post comments your suggestions and comments are eagerly awaited

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