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Shri P.S.Varadarajan (Guruji)


Shri Guruji believes in simple living and high thinking He does not believe in any outward show. He makes each and everyone feel at ease and is always ready to help everyone. When I (Hari Krishnamurthy) had gone to meet him in January 2007 during his visit to Delhi in connection with Kumbhabishekam of Sree Meenakshi Temple at Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi, I was overawed by his presence. I had wanted to ask him so many things but was dumbstruck in his presence. I felt I had got everything I wanted without even uttering a word. From that moment he was my Guru I had read some where that there is an oriental proverb “one need not search for a Guru, when the student is ready the teacher would just find him”. I found that proverb to be true in my case. In the last eleven months his grace has elevated me spiritually to a level beyond imagination. Recently during his visit for Sarva Devata Homam in September 2007, he asked me to control my anger He had not asked anything from me but wanted me to be a better human being, so from that moment onwards I had shed my anger totally and till today I am enjoying the benefit. From a non-existent common ordinary person people now respect me because of his benevolence. Without my asking Shri Guruji chants for me and my family and when I enquired about this to him he smilingly replied that he did this for all the people who had come into contact with him. This fact was confirmed by all others whom I met in the presence of Shri Guruji. We may have prejudices, petty quarrels with our own folk and here is a person who does not know any thing else but selfless love, affection and benevolence. I had then decided that if ever my life was to be dedicated to some one it was Shri Guruji. After taking this decision I consulted the matter with my wife and she too agreed. Since then I am doing what you all are experiencing. This vishwa kalyan issue too is just my way of submitting flowers at Shri Guruji’s feet. I request you all too to kindly correct me, suggest, and guide me to make this news letter a useful and purposeful effort.  

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