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Toothache is a very common problem. It can be an indication of tooth decay. It is mainly caused due to the inflammation of tooth pulp.
Causes of Toothache
The various causes of toothache are:
  • Tooth decay
  • Mouth bacteria
  • Tooth cavity
Home Remedies for Toothache
Application of clove oil to the aching tooth is best to reduce pain and also removes any kind of tooth infection. This is a very effective home remedy for toothache.
Chewing leaves of guava tree will also provide relief from pain. This is one of the simplest toothache treatment.
Garlic clove when placed on the aching tooth provides immediate relief from pain.
Apply a mixture of a pinch of pepper powder and a quarter teaspoon of common salt on the aching tooth as it will give relief. This is also one of the good home remedies for toothache.
Toothache treatment – Chewing fresh leaves of spinach makes the gums strong and prevents tooth decay.
The juice of wheat grass is an excellent home remedy for toothache and tooth decay.
Toothache remedy – Application of ice pack on the cheeks also reduces pain.
Pouring few 3-4 drops of vanilla extract on the aching tooth will immediately provide relief and is also good home remedy for toothache.
Mix a pinch of pepper powder and clove oil and apply on the paining tooth. Good home remedies for toothache.
Make a paste of the bay berry bark with vinegar and apply on the affected tooth. It will provide immediate relief from pain. This is one of the effective home remedies for toothache.
Chewing raw onion for three minutes will kill all the harmful germs in the mouth. This is one of the usefultoothache remedy.
Intake of sugar should be restricted to prevent any kind of tooth problems.
In 1 cup of water boil 5-6 cloves with 2- inch bark of a Margosa tree and strain and store this in the fridge. Smear this decoction on the affected tooth for pain relief. This is also good natural remedy for toothache.
Diet for toothache – Good amount of raw vegetables and fruits should be included in the diet.
Mix mustard oil and turmeric powder and apply on the teeth. It is highly beneficial in curing all the teeth problems. This is one of the best toothache cure.
Good amount of vitamin C and calcium should be taken to make the teeth strong. It is a good diet for toothache.
Gargling with hydrogen peroxide after every meal will remove all the germs and bacteria from the teeth and strengthens the teeth.
In 1 cup of water boil 5 gram of peppermint with a pinch of salt. Drink it for toothache pain relief and other pains. This is one of the effective natural remedies for toothache.

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