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Have you ever been just sitting there and,

all of a sudden you feel like,

doing something nice for someone,

you care for…THAT’S GOD…


He talks to you through the Holy Spirit.




Have you ever been down and out and,

nobody seems to be around for you to talk,

to….THAT’S GOD…He wants you to talk ,

to Him.



Have you ever been thinking about somebody,

that you haven’t seen in a long time and,

then the next thing you know you see them,

or receive a phone call from them…



there is no such thing as coincidence.



Have you ever receive something wonderful

that you didn’t even ask for,

like money in the mail,a debt that had,

mysteriously been cleared or a coupon,

to a department store where you had just,

seen something you wanted but couldn’t

afford…THAT’S GOD.


He knowa the desires of your heart.




Have you ever been in a situation and you

had no clue how it is going to get better,

but now you look back on it…



He passes us through tribulation,

to see a brighter day.






Father God, you are awesome in might,

righteousness, and faithfulness,

No one is comparable to you,

Please bless me dear Father as I seek,

for you in the Scriptures…

Please reveal yourself to me and reconfirm

the identity and uniquenss of Your Son,

as I STUDY YOUR Word and I am guided by,

you Holy Spirit.

In Almighty’s  name I pray.



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