Ten Principles of Life

The following are the ten PRINCIPLES OF PHILOSOPHY for this society.


  1. The most damaging one letter word:          I                    – Avoid it.
  2. The most satisfying two-letter word:                 WE              – Use it.
  3. The most poisonous three-letter word:                   EGO           – Kill it.
  4. The most used four-letter word:                                LOVE –        Value it.
  5. The most pleasing five-letter word: SMILE – Keep it.
  6. The fastest spreading six-letter word: RUMOUR – Ignore it.
  7. The most enviable seven-letter word: SUCCESS – Achieve it.
  8. The most nefarious eight-letter word: JEALOUSY – Distance it.
  9. The most powerful nine-letter word: KNOWLEDGE – Acquire it.
  10. The most essential ten-letter word: CONFIDENCE – Trust it.

Have a great day!

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