Abheeshta Kamyartha Sidhi Maha Laksharchana

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Lokakshema International Mission Trust ®
Head Office No 2, flat No.3, Sri Vignesh Apartments, 100 ft road, Lakshmi nagarIII stage, Nanganallur, Chennai-600061  044-22243097(M) 91-9444341362
Regd. Office A73, Inder Puri, New Delhi-110012, 011-25836229 (M) 91-9868369793
Email: lokakshemamission@gmail.com
Blogs: http://lokakshematrust.blogspot,com, http:// lokakshematrust.sulekha.com
A mission for removal of sufferings of mankind

For removal of Various problems and sufferings of mankind and over all welfare ( Lokakshema) Swami Parashakti Varadarajan has consented to bless us all in conducting the
• Laksharchana to Goddess Lalithambika (for prosperity, wealth, happiness and peace)
• Laksharchana to Lord shiva (for destruction of all evil forces, negatives, shrapa, dosha,removal of obstacles, etc)
• Laksharchana to Lord Maha Vishnu (for all round protection, good health, removal of Pitru dosh, etc)
• Laksharchana to Lord Dhanvantri (for removal of diseases, all round protection and good health,)
• Laksharchana to Goddess Durga (for Victory in all endeavours, destruction of evils, over all goodness and well being of the universe )

The programme is being jointly organised with Vedic Samaj, Shalimar bagh, New Delhi on Sunday 20th February, 2011, at Sri Meenakshi Temple, BC-50-51, Meenakshi Mandir Marg, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi-110088 from morning 8.00 AM onwards.

We welcome you all to participate in the Laksharchana in large numbers with family, relatives, friends and others by submitting your details like name, age, address, contact number and the problem you wish to be solved on plain paper or by email to lokakshemamission@gmail.com, which would be submitted to Swamiji for solution/ removal of your problems.
Contributions/ donations to Lokakshema International Mission Trust® are exempted under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961 vide Directorate of Income Tax(Exemption)New Delhi order No. DIT (E)/2007-08/L-691/4034 dated 20.03.2008.
Please donate liberally. Sponsors may please contact lokakshemamission@gmail.com or call 9444341362,9868369793, 9811097125.
You may deposit the contributions/donations in the nearest Corporation Bank favouring Lokakshema International Mission Trust account no 771885 at branch no 0712, Goodley public school, BD block, Shalimar Bagh New Delhi 110088 or send by post to the Trust Registered office address to Secy, lokakshema international mission trust, A73 Inder Puri, New Delhi 110012, India



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