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Lokakshema International Mission Trust®
Regd. Office A73, Inder Puri, New Delhi-110012,
http://,, Email:
A mission for removal of sufferings of mankind

Guruji Dr PS Varadarajan

Lokakshema International Mission Trust a registered non profit, charitable trust committed of removal of sufferings of mankind through ritual, spiritual, social, religious, cultural and other activities.

Guruji Maharaj’s mission is to eradicate all kinds of negativities present in this cosmos and universe which are the root cause of all problems.

He is on his mission for removal of sufferings of mankind with following broad based objectives:

• Removal of sufferings through natural calamities like Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood, Drought, etc., man made disasters like Terrorism, Global Warming, Famine, Oppression, etc.
• Removal of all diseases including diseases like Aids, Cancer, Blood pressure, Diabetes, children diseases like Autism, mental/physical disorders, Women diseases, etc.
• To help and alleviate the conditions of the poor and the needy through various social, cultural and charitable activities.

To achieve these objectives he has been given directions by cosmic forces to do the following:

1. Chanting- A unique system of chanting in sound form(Shabda-naadha rupam) which is millions of times powerful than ritual Vedic or other forms of chanting blessed by divine and cosmic energies that control and govern this cosmos and other constellations in the Galaxies.
2. Vedic Rituals like Puja, Archana, Abhishekam, homam(havan), Yagya, etc.
3. Charitable activities like Vidhya Dhaanam( education of poor and needy), Mangalya Dhaanam (helping in Marriage of poor and needy girls and boys), Vastra Dhaanam( distribution of Clothes, Blankets, Bed sheets, etc to poor and needy), Anna Dhaanam( distribution of food and Bhandara, Poor feeding), Aarogya Daanam(Medical aid, assistance, spiritual healing, etc.)

We all face obstacles, problems, miseries, misfortunes, accidents, diseases, trauma, pain, etc due to our “Karma” i.e. deeds that we do knowingly or unknowingly during the course of carrying out our actions to fulfil our needs in the present life and previous births. These defects or dosha are not visible so we continue to suffer till we get the audience of enlightened ones who has been blessed by the divine cosmic powers with super natural powers to know the causes and to remove the defects and heal their seekers with spiritual and divine powers. As per Hindu mythology these saints are divine souls who had been leading a pious life working for the welfare of the universe, galaxies and beyond by their noble deeds, for millions and billions of years through Tapas(Penance), Japam(chanting), Yagya(offerings of holy items with a combination of mantra, yantra and tantra through fire), Puja (offerings of flowers and other sacred items to Cosmic powers), Abhishekam (anointment of holy idols with Oil, sandalwood paste, milk, honey, curd, fruits and other holy items), etc.

These noble souls who are forms of divine energies are deputed by the supreme energy (“Para Shakti” i.e. whose powers are beyond imagination, calculation of any known science). When they arrive in this earth they are called as “Avatars”. Avataran in Sanskrit means “to descend”. This literally means that they are incarnations or manifestations of the Supreme Power in human form, sent to this universe for the welfare of all the living and non living things.

The world has experienced presence of such holy souls whose sole mission was to alleviate and removal of the sufferings of all the living and non living things. Their message was love, compassion, kindness, etc which we named as different faiths and religions and failed to follow the same spreading hatred, fear, terror, oppressions amongst our fellow beings. We have our own priorities, our greed, our ego, etc., which make us treat our fellow beings with contempt and hatred. We defeat the purpose of avatar of these noble souls due to our own selfish acts, due to which we continue to suffer in various forms.

To be continued……………..

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