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Lokakshema International Mission Trust ®
Regd. Office A73, Inder Puri, New Delhi-110012,
Blogs:, http://
A mission for removal of sufferings of mankind
With the blessings of Guruji Dr.PS Varadajan
Jointly with Sarva Devata Homam Committee
Welcomes you all to
Dosha Parihara Mahayagya
From 24th to 26th January 2010
Maha Ganapathi Homam(for removal of all obstacles and success in life),
Nakshatra,Navagraha Homam(for removal of malefic effects of planets)
Srisuktha Homam( for success in Job, business, financial prosperity, etc),
Maha Dhanvantri Homam( for removal of chronic diseases and good health)
Swayamvara Parvathi Homam(for early marriage)
Santhana Gopala Homam (Putra Kameshti yagya for childless couples), etc
At Aishwarya Mahaganapathy Temple,
C-2 Keshav Puram(Lawrence Road) New Delhi
For registration, participation/sponsorship and other details please contact
Bhrahmashri VR Swaminathan 9810192164 Shri S. K. Murthy 9310035504-9811090988
Bhrahmasri S Viswanatha Satrigal 9818390192 Brahmahsri Rajagopala Sastrigal 9818390193
Shri K.S.N Sharma 9313203053 Shri A Ramesh 9811097125 Shri N T Arasu 9811944478
Shri Deepak Shah 9212195559 Smt Preeti Shah 9212195560 Shri K.Hariharan 9868369793
Shri Narasimhan 27472278 Ms Renu Singh 9891197375 Shri Ramesh Sharma 9868348573
Shri V Venkataraman(Junior) 9873475963 Shri R Mohan 9971812923 Shri BS Rao 9810400688
Shri S Sitharaman 9868849112
Special programmes for exchange of horoscopes, spiritual discourses, etc also proposed during the function

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a happy go lucky person by nature,committed to serve others and remove their sufferings through all possible help. POSTS IN MY BLOG ARE MY OWN OPINION, COLLECTIONS OF INTERESTING ARTICLES FROM FROM VARIOUS SOURCES. MY ONLY AIM IS TO SHARE GOOD THINGS WITH OTHERS WHICH MAY BE USEFUL TO OTHERS AND NOT TO HURT ANY ONE'S FEELINGS. If you like my blog, like me,follow me, share with others, reblog If you have some suggestions post comments your suggestions and comments are eagerly awaited

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