lokakshema international mission trust

A TRUST OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE WE WELCOME ALL WHO FEEL THAT HELPING OTHERS IS THE MOTTO OF THEIR LIFE . it is not bad if you help yourself too while you help others Because if you survive then only you can serve others but only self service is prohibited as life is not a cafeteria.

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a happy go lucky person by nature,committed to serve others and remove their sufferings through all possible help. POSTS IN MY BLOG ARE MY OWN OPINION, COLLECTIONS OF INTERESTING ARTICLES FROM FROM VARIOUS SOURCES. MY ONLY AIM IS TO SHARE GOOD THINGS WITH OTHERS WHICH MAY BE USEFUL TO OTHERS AND NOT TO HURT ANY ONE'S FEELINGS. If you like my blog, like me,follow me, share with others, reblog If you have some suggestions post comments your suggestions and comments are eagerly awaited

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  1. Om Parashakti Namo NamahaLOKAKSHEMA INTERNATIONAL MISSION TRUST*SERVE HUMANITY ******* SAVE UNIVERSE*Head Office: CHENNAI- 600061, 044-22243097Delhi Office: A-73, Inder Puri, New Delhi-110012.  011-25836229EMAIL: lokakshemamission@gmail.comLokakshema International Mission Trust established with the main motto of “Serve the Humanity Save the Universe” has been conducting various functions, Pujas, Homams, Abhishekams, etc since 1995 under the spiritual guidance of our founder and Guruji Shri P.S.Varadarajan for the welfare of the mankind and World peace at various places around the world. We now propose to conduct a “Puthra Kameshti Mahayagya” in January 2008(tentatively on 19th -20th January) in Delhi. This Homam is mainly dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu. Lord Maha Vishnu himself bestowed knowledge of this homam on Sanatkumara, who in turn instructed this to sage Bodhayana. It is stated in the Suta Samhita. Putrapradam Aputraanaam Jayadam Jayakaaminaam Bhuktidam Bhuktikaamaanaam Mokshadam Moksha Kaaminaam Meaning those who wish progeny, success in endeavours, worldly enjoyment and the final emancipation shall attain it by performing this homam. It is said that one attains this human birth by performing meritorious deeds in the past lives. In order to continue the lineage of ours it is necessary that we be blessed with healthy progeny. The Putra Kameshti yagna narrated in the Ramayana in providing healthy progeny to the performer. The hymn glorifies Lord Vishnu as the Purusha or the primordial being with innumerable heads, eyes and feet. The lord is depicted as the cause of all living beings. It further describes the manner in which different species occur from his various limbs. The hymns are sixteen in number.This Mahayagya would be a self sponsored one and the cost would be shared by the participating couples.The estimated cost for two day Homam is around Rs 2 Lakh A token registration fee of Rs 1000 only is proposed to be charged from the participants which may be deposited in cash/by cheque/ DD in favour of “Lokakshema International Mission Trust” payable at New Delhi. The participation of each couple is subject to the approval by Sri Guruji.As the registration forms are to be submitted to Sri Guruji for removal of all kinds of Doshas we request the interested couples to register themselves as early as possible so as to enable us to submit the forms to Guruji for further necessary action. Further, as only limited number of participants would be registered we request you to register yourselves immediately to avoid any disappointment.The Registration Forms can be obtained from the Delhi office of the Trust (A-73 Inder Puri, New Delhi-110012) or may contact on land line no 011-25836229 or from any of the following organizing committee members:Shri V.R. Swaminathan 9810192164 Shri S.K.Murthy 9310035504 Shri Vaidyanathan 9891467966 Shri K.Satyanarayana Sharma 9313203053 Shri Viswanatha Satrigal 9818390192 Shri Rajagopala Sastrigal 9818390193 Shri N. T. Arasu 9811944478 Shri A. Ramesh 9811097125 Smt Preeti Shah 9212195559 Shri. Deepak Shah 9320208484 Shri Vidyashankar9911422101 Shri K. Hariharan 9868369793 Shri M Viswanathan 9868890008 Shri R. Mukundan 9810271676Shri Penneswaran 9968290295 Shri S. Seetharaman 9868849112 Shri R. Mohan 9971812923Shri S. Venkataraman(Junior Murthy) 9873475963 Shri V Gopalan 9811661360 Shri P. Arumugam 9868151652 K.Ramaswamy 9810141284


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